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  1. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Hangzhou Jianggan District Sports Center is currently under renovation. During the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, it will host some games of the football tournament.
  2. Tangier
    I couldn't find the final render anywhere, if someone can give us a clue but the restoration is already on i've read that they choose spanich architects in a cooperation with Valencia university to restore it الحذر يشوب ترميم معلمة "بلاصا طورو" بطنجة
  3. Proposed
    BOLOGNA ARENA BOLOGNA | EMILIA ROMAGNA | ITALY Here is the future of the Bologna's exhibition complex. The expansion plan envisages the redevelopment of the Nord-Michelino access areas with the construction of a new multi-purpose functional pavilion. The Masterplan was created by Mario...
  4. Cultural, Sporting and Entertainment Venues
  5. Proposed
    From Latin American Forum
  6. Proposed
    WeArena Reggio Emilia | Emilia Romagna, Italy design > Sportium, Progetto CMR, Manica Architecture wesbite > WeArena / MedioPadana Smart District Located near Santiago Calatrava's Mediopadana high-speed railway station in the city of Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna region, Italy), WeArena was...
  7. Projects & Construction
    Давно ждал о масштабной стройке в южной столице и наконец дождался её. Уверен, что это сооружение заслуживает отдельной ветки на форуме, и места для неё в спортивных сооружениях не достаточно (интерес к стадиону на той ветке - это доказывает) По факту - это строительство нового стадиона...
  8. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    City of Jaca Hockey Arena designed by Coll-Barreu Arquitectos has been the most representative facility of the European Youth Olympic Festival of Jaca 2007, the first event in the Pyrennes. Project Location: Jaca, Aragon, Spain The Dome takes the strength of the nearby Oroel Mount and the...
  9. Quebec
    The Gatineau Olympiques will get a new arena by 2020.
  10. Proposed
    Santa Giulia Arena Santa Giulia Arena (15,000 seats) is expected to be built in Milan's Rogodero neighborhood. It will be used for indoor sports (basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.) as well as for shows, cultural events, music concerts. The arena will have a highly flexible space...
  11. » Lublin Jak w tytule.
  12. Proposed
    Link the the announcement:
  13. Cultural, Sporting and Entertainment Venues
    From today's Chronicle Live, copyright NCJMedia Ltd @ Plan to develop land between the Sage Gateshead and the BALTIC revealed Nov 06, 2014 06:30 By Mike Kelly An ambitious plan to develop a prime piece...
  14. Miss Polski: Rate A Building
    Pojemność: 15 500 miejsc siedzących Koszt budowy: ok. 155 milionów złotych (z czego 67 milionów z UE) Lata budowy: 2012-2014 Wykonawca: Budimex
  15. Completed
    Legends Arena, Moscow. Webcam Hockey ice palace for 12000 seats, one small arena for 3000 seats and a training rink for 500 seats. To be completed by the end of 2014. Supposedly it should become a new home for one of the Moscow's KHL teams. It's...
  16. Completed
    -capacity: 13.752 (+ 2 868 on the floor) -training hall: 1180
  17. Донецьк / Donetsk
    Раз БВК сам начал понемногу раскрывать информацию о новой арене, то думаю уже пора создать под нее тему и собрать воедино ставшие известными факты. - Вместимость: Один из прорабатываемых вариантов на 20.500 зрителей, который похоже и выбрали. - В состав комплекса (под одной крышей) будет...
  18. Bristol Developments
    On the 15th of November, Bristol will elect its first city mayor, with central government funding available to his/her office. Campaigns will be fought on many fronts, but planning and transport will be core issues. Candidates who have announced their running so far are: George Ferguson (Ind)...
  19. Completed
    On 22 May, 2012, the ownership of the Golden State Warriors announced a proposal to move the NBA team to a waterfront site on San Francisco's Piers 30 and 32, at the foot of the Oakland-Bay Bridge. They plan to model the financing of the project on the San Francisco Giants' AT&T Park, where no...
  20. Cultural, Sporting and Entertainment Venues
    Looks like we have movement and pictures, So felt it was time to make a thread.