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  1. Architecture
    For you guys, did you like the architecture of the Brazilians Stadiums? I have my doubts for some stadiums.
  2. Sweden
    A thread for posting all swedish arena and stadium projects to get a better overview of what's going on in the country. Edit: The headline ended up wrong since I think it should be for any swedish sport facility and not just arenas and stadiums, so if a mod reads this then please change the...
  3. Інфраструктура
    Криті спортивні комплекси. Пропоную так:Пишемо назву,місце розташування,призначення,та кількість глядачів ФСК Олімп Місто Южне,Одеська обл. Вміщує 2 000 глядачів.Домашня арена БК Хімік
  4. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Was wondering if anybody had any decent pictures of different ice hockey venues all around the world from the biggest to the smallest it doesnt matter. However ive always prefered the smaller venues ffrom 12,000 capacity or less :)
  5. Изградња, привреда и инфраструктура
    Sve u vezi stadiona i Arena srpskog govornog podrucja :D
  6. Sports Center
    If this is the wrong place to put this thread, please move it..... Actually I meant Metro Manila....sorry about that... Well does it?? Include pics if you can because I wanna see if this is the same one where my cousin went.
1-6 of 7 Results