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  1. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Greater Dandenong City Council is calling for nominations for Council’s Arts Advisory Board The City of Greater Dandenong plays a key role in the planning, development and support of arts and culture throughout the city. The Arts Advisory Board will support the vision for arts and culture across...
  2. Storia, Architettura, Cultura
    Ho voluto riportare anche qui l'idea che gira da un po' di tempo sia in internet che attraverso pagine Facebook, ovvero quello di dimostrare che Milano non è solo Duomo, ma una serie di monumenti storici, artistici, culturali e luoghi meravigliosi che a volte sono sconosciuti anche ai milanesi...
  3. Moroccan Arts
    A thread to present valuable historical object of Morocco and to discuss them. I'll begin with a Veterinary treatise which dates back to the 18th century Ad. like the following article says, the most important thing in this treatise, is the 9 miniatures that it contains, and the level of...
  4. Projects & Construction
    Градсовет утвердил строительство музея современного искусства в Алматы
  5. Storia, Architettura, Cultura
    Sarebbe bello raccogliere le meraviglie artistiche di Milano da tutti i secoli, conosciute e sconosciute in questo thread.
  6. Culture
    ENQUÊTE (Par Roxana Azimi, Le Le 06.08.2015) Le royaume du Maroc travaille, en secret, au projet d’une antenne de l’École des beaux-arts à Rabat En lire plus ...
  7. Classic Architecture
    Hi! So we have a lot of creative and talented people aboard this forum. But even those who aren't quite on top yet, improve your skills: Share your own drawings, paintings, drafts, 3D models etc. of traditional / historical / classical architecture! It doesn't have to be real/existing...
  8. Midwest and Plains
    To conclude the Detroit leg of my Midwest 2013 Photo Tour, I took time to visit one of the finest art museums in the world, the Detroit Institute of Arts, located in midtown Detroit in the cultural center area. The DIA was established in 1885 and the building was completed in 1927 in the...
  9. Urban Environment
    А как вы относитесь к разным урбан-арт обьектам в городе? (Фотки взяты из - Iwusha)
  10. Newcastle Metro Area
    . It occurred to me that there is still one or two gaps in our coverage of the various types of "cultural activity" that take place in Newcastle and the North East Region. We have individual threads covering our Restaurants, Pubs, Football, Entertainment Venues, Music Venues, etc . . In those...
  11. Newcastle Metro Area
    This thread can be used to post and discuss depiction of Newcastle and environs in painting, sculpture, drawing and other visual arts, as well as Newcastle artists, and art news and events. I'll get us started by posting a few Artworks showing Newcastle in its various guises: Layla Curtis -...
  12. City Talk
    Tate Liverpool Mark Rothko: The Seagram Murals 2 October 2009 – 21 March 2010 - Free