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  1. Urban development
  2. Projects and Construction
    Inside La Cite du Fleuve.
  3. Photo Forum
    Banana Island, Lagos is home to some of the finest Nigeria real estate. But Banana Island also has the most expensive properties in Nigeria. And prices can be jaw-dropping.
  4. Offshore Developments
    Finally some good news for the world: :banana::banana::banana::banana::cheers::nuts: The Heart of Europe In 2007 Kleindienst Properties acquired six of the total 300 islands as part of the highly prestigious Nakheel Project "The World"...
  5. Edificios de Hasta 100m (temporal)
    Construirán islas artificiales en Panamá La empresa mexicana Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) informó el miércoles que tiene el material necesario para iniciar este año la construcción de dos islas artificiales, frente a la capital panameña, donde se erigirán 138 exclusivas residencias...
  6. Offshore Developments
    Sama Dubai invites firms to express interest in Falcon island work Published: 16 October 2008 09:09 GMT Author: Colin Foreman More by this Author Last Updated: 16 October 2008 18:10 Local developer Sama Dubai has invited contractors to express interest in the dredging works on its Falcon...
  7. Proyectos y construcción
  8. Development and Construction Projects
    the al nera and al yamar projects were launched by mazaya real estate company. أعلنت شركة المزايا القابضة في بيان امس, انه ايمانا منها برؤية امير البلاد الشيخ صباح الاحمد الصباح بتحويل الكويت الى مركز مالي وتجاري وتراثي من الطراز الاول, وترجمة لنظرتها المستقبلية لدولة الكويت بجعلها مركزا...
  9. Abu Dhabi Project Development
    Coconut Island will bring a new level of luxury to Abu Dhabi and is destined to be one of the most exclusive developments in the region with its exceptional facilities and superb location. Aldar signed a joint venture agreement with National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels (NCTH) to develop...
  10. Offshore Developments
    :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nakheel announces new multi-billion island project By Saifur Rahman, Business News Editor Published: January 19, 2008, 23:12 Dubai: Nakheel, the developer of the three iconic palm islands and the World, is expanding Dubai's...
  11. Never Built
    The Island of Ireland - a 225,000 sq ft hotel resort boasting a magnificent collection of homes, apartments, intimate boutiques and restaurants, casual seaside cafés, beautiful beaches, a central marina, recreation centre and a luxury spa. The ideal blend of luxury, tranquillity and personal...
  12. Offshore Developments
    Found this on the website of van Oord: Before Van Oord’s work on the Palm Jumeirah was finished, the company was awarded another contract to design and build two smaller, private islands of 140,000 m3 each, in mirror image on each side of the Palm. The design- a wispy palm leaf- is the logo of...
  13. Northern Emirates
    there is a new project along the beach, direction umm al quwain it's called marjan island and subproject of it is
  14. Sharjah
    Islands project to start in Sharjah Sharjah: Sharjah will soon see new islands rising offshore as part of an ambitious real estate development. Saudi-based real estate company Al Hanoo Holding will launch a Dh3 billion Stars Islands project in Arabian Gulf waters. The project will comprise...
  15. Offshore Developments
    ...i like this design! and i think it's great they gonna build this!!
  16. Dubai Waterfront and Palm Jebel Ali
    Name: Dubai Waterfront Location: Palm Jebel Ali H.H. Sheikh Mohammmed announces the launch of Dubai Waterfront, the world's largest waterfront development 81 million square metre beachfront development destined to be an international landmark 2005.1.29, Dubai, UAE - Under the...
  17. Dubai Waterfront and Palm Jebel Ali
    ARCHIVE: THE PALM JEBEL ALI NAME: The Palm, Jebel Ali The Palm Jebel AliThe Palm Jebel Ali is more of an entertainment destination for both adults and children. The island will also be 50% larger than The Palm Jumeirah, and will include six marinas, a 'Sea Village', a water theme park and water...
  18. Offshore Developments
    FACTS NAME: The Palm, Jumeirah The Palm JumeirahThe Palm Jumeirah is primarily a retreat and residential area for living, relaxation, and leisure. Construction began on this island in June 2001 and is expected to be completed by late 2005, early 2006. OFFICAL SITE HEAPS OF INFO...
  19. Offshore Developments
    Artiifical Island Project NAME: THE WORLD NUMBER OF ISLAND: SIZE:17,396 m2 START DATE END DATE: July 2007
1-19 of 19 Results