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  1. Naga City and Camarines Sur Province

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    well,i dont have to have a very lengthy introduction bout Naga city coz it's already introduced in the "Legazpi" thread.. i'll just tell u what i know.. Naga City -the 2nd richest city in Bicol after Legazpi -2nd most populated city in Bicol -the city in Bicol with the highest PP(purchasing...
  2. Media and Broadcasting Industry

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    Journalism, Broadcasting, and Multimedia Marketing Communications So, what have we to say about the growing number of bilboards in the Metro Manila area? Are they boon or bane?
  3. Aklan Province and Borácay Island

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    I'm kinda nuts about this place. I went there 3 times in 2003 from Peak season 'til there were just a handful of tourists left on the island. some of my bora shots more posted here: Share your boracay photos below.
  4. Aerial and Panoramic Views

    Urban Planning
    I thought this may be a good thread to show all the aerials of the Metro. Anything interesting captured from your plane windows ;) LOL.. heres a few of MM for starters. Post yours! (GreyX i'm lookin at you to post those great aerials of Makati and Ortigas) ;) LOL :D:D