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  1. Negev
    In Ashdod near station train "Ad alom" want to build Park Hitec, 23 blocks up to 7 levels, land for office, program approved. I do video review on Hebrew/
  2. Negev
    Park Hitech Ashdod ------------
  3. Negev
    Ashdod Lev HaCity Alon 3-4 2 x 16 fl, u/c (total 8 towers 12-16 fl)
  4. Negev
    ASHDOD City Tower 22 fl | UC
  5. Negev
    ASHDOD Balfour 7 21 fl u/c 2014
  6. Negev
    מגדל רסידו אשדוד Ashdod Resido Tower location: Ashdod city center floors: 30 FL approved
  7. Photo Forum
    Ashdod Performing Arts Center Hall completion: 2012 design: Haim Dotan architects capacity: 938 seats
  8. Negev
    Dekel Towers VB approved redevelopment location: HaDekel St. floors: 5 x 32 FL height: 5 x 100 m design: Walter Sheinkman Architects Latest News: 2nd Sep 2012: Govt Approval for HaDekel VB
  9. Negev
    Ashdod | Dimri Harova Towers | 80 m | 3 x 25 FL | U/C Migdalei Dimri Harova
  10. Negev
    West Suites Hotel Ashdod (9 FL) is situated along the Alef Quarter beachfront next to Elisheva park, opened in November 2012. The West Suites Ashdod will be operated and part of the Tamares West Hotels Group offering 113 suites, spa and indoor swimming pool. WEST אשדוד נבנה על ידי חברת יחיאל...
  11. Negev
    Ashdod's first major hotel is set to finally open The Crowne Plaza 13 FL
1-16 of 21 Results