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    Turquemenistão | Turkmenistan O Turquemenistão ou Turcomenistão é um país situado na Ásia Central. Faz fronteira com o Cazaquistão a noroeste, Uzbequistão a nordeste e leste, Afeganistão a sudeste, Irã ao sul e sudoeste, e o Mar Cáspio a oeste. O atual Turquemenistão encontra-se em...
  2. Foreign Topics
    Это будущая первая линия Ашхабадского монорельса :banana:
  3. General Photography
    I noticed we do not have any thread for Turkmenistan in general Photography section .Lets add some photos for Turkmenistan day by day or week by week together :) Turkmenistan, is one of the Turkic states in Central Asia. Until 1991, it was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union, the...
  4. Urban Development & Infrastructure
    News, photos and discussion on Turkmenistan's projects and developments :okay:
  5. Urban Development & Infrastructure
    News, photos and discussions about Turkmenistan's Oils, Gas and Nuclear Technologies and Infrastructures :okay:
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    Skyscrapers of Turkmenistan
  7. Закордон
    Ашхабад Вирішив створити гілку про будвництво в Ашхабаді та загалом в Туркменістані,оскільки на SSC до нині ще не існувала гілка про будівництво в Туркменістані.Про Ашхабад була створена лише невелика фото гілка на Казахстанскому форомі,але ніякої конкретної інформації вона не несла про...
  8. Foreign Topics
    All presented photos courtesy of M. E. Bestoy. Please pay his Flickr photostream a visit for more photos of Ashgabat Kiptchak Mesjit Mesjid from inside Kiptchak Mesjid Night Turkmenistan Bank EXPO Turkmenistan EXPO Main Entrance Tiffanny from Outside Tiffannies from inside...
  9. Зарубежье
    Воплощение в жизнь градостроительной концепции Президента Туркменистана "Белый город - Ашхабад" по превращению столицы в красивейший город планеты ...
  10. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    I think you cant see here central asian cities very often. here is Ashgabat , the capital of Turkmenistan. Not free land, with dictator Turkmenbashi (The Father of all Turkmens). the country is almost closed for foreigners and even turkmens hardly can leave it.Cities are full of golden...