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  1. Proposed Skyscrapers
    First look: Atlanta's tallest skyscraper proposal in years unveiled Renderings and plans unveiled Tuesday evening show that a statement building over Atlanta’s busiest freeway is in the pipeline. The 61-story, mixed-use proposal by Rockefeller Group, a Manhattan-based firm with offices in...
  2. Proposed Supertalls
    I stumbled upon this proposal for Atlanta and it looks like it may have been approved? They're looking for a site and have 2 different locations in mind.
  3. Atlanta
    An 800,000-square-foot tower that could 'redefine' the downtown Atlanta skyline
  4. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Sul dos Estados Unidos (conhecidos localmente como American South, Dixie, Down South ou simplesmente the South, "o Sul") é uma região distinta, de grande extensão territorial, situada no sudeste e centro-sul dos Estados Unidos. Devido à herança cultural e histórica característica da região...
  5. Southeast
    What are the lifestyle and urban feel differences between these metro areas? I understand it is a wide range, but are the strong qualitative differences, or just a difference in quantity? Pictures welcome.
  6. Atlanta
    The development was presented to the Midtown DRC yesterday by Chicago developer CA Ventures. CA Ventures also proposed a new 32-story mixed-use project with market-rate residential for the southeast intersection of Peachtree St. and 8th St. known as 903 Peachtree. At grade 12,000 SF of retail...
  7. Atlanta
    Portman presents a new office tower to the Midtown DRC that's adjacent to his current office tower under construction on the same block. Early Renderings: Midtown DRC comments:
  8. Atlanta
    Yet another apartment tower to Buckhead. We actually first learned of this tower in early 2017. Looks like they're ready to begin construction. Additional renderings Construction on the new project is...
  9. Urban Showcase
    Here's a selection of photos from my visit to Atlanta last month. It's certainly a city that's improved a lot over the years with public realm improvements and the new streetcar system. The Olympic Park is also fascinating to explore. A full photo gallery from this trip is here...
  10. Atlanta
  11. Atlanta
    Lennar Multifamily Communities has proposed a new 27-story multifamily project on 13th Street. April DRC recap - A new 27-story multifamily project on 13th Street by Lennar Multifamily Communities debuted at the DRC. The proposal includes 307 rental units with lobby, lounge, leasing and...
  12. Atlanta
    Trillist Proposes Another True Midtown Skyscraper
  13. Atlanta
    Behind paywall so there's not much information I can get from the paywall right now. Here is a full size rendering though. Across the street from 77 12th Street on Crescent Avenue.
  14. Atlanta
    Taking a page from Novare, Hanover Co. is building a new tower in Midtown that's similar to others in cities like Houston: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  15. Atlanta
    This new tower planned for Buckhead has plenty of flair:
  16. Proposed Highrises
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hurrah! Luxe Buckhead Tower Could be Visually Interesting
  17. Atlanta
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- High-Rise Apartment Project to Extend Trend to Lenox
1-19 of 112 Results