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  2. Proposed Supertalls
    a scheme for Texas' new tallest building has been unearthed.
  3. Projects and Construction
    Quote: Lincoln Property Company / Kairoi Residential are developing Waller Creek, a 74 story MIXED-USE project located near Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, Texas. The project consists of a parking structure with 3 levels below grade and 12 above...
  4. Projects and Construction
    Documents were posted on a City of Austin utilities website yesterday for two proposed towers - one office and one residential - for the site of the Railyard Condos that were sold to a developer late last year for over $100 million. The site consists of two adjacent half blocks next to the site...
  5. Projects and Construction
    Here's another new one. It's a 634', 41-story office building. We should have renderings by Monday because it's on the agenda for the Historic Landmark Commission meeting. Here are some elevations via TOWERS...
  6. Projects and Construction
    Here's another new one. It's a 428', 31-story office building. The elevations were posted on a City website today. This now makes 38 towers either underway or proposed that are at least 300' plus five more that have been completed this year. This also means that there are 17 towers underway...
  7. Projects and Construction
    A site plan was recently filed for a 3/4 block project on the far NE corner of downtown. The site is on a slope and the project will be 33-Stories and 379' on the high end of the site and 35-stories and over 400' on the lower side. It's mostly residential, but there will be hotel and office...
  8. Projects and Construction
    A site plan was filed Monday for a 48-story hotel/residential tower at 90 Rainey. This will be taking out the popular Container Bar in the heart of the Rainey St. Entertainment District. Here's the site plan...
  9. Projects and Construction
    This one is proposed by a Vancouver residential developer and is awaiting City approval.
  10. Projects and Construction
    I didn't see a thread for this one. It's being developed by Trammell Crow and was largely pre-leased by Indeed. Here's a progress Photo: There are a ton of renderings, but here's one...
  11. Highrises
    another sizable tower for Austin's ever-growing skyline.
  12. Projects and Construction
    Parsley Energy moved their HQ from Midland to Austin a few years ago to help with recruiting talent. They are now building a new HQ across the street from their rented space in the Colorado Tower. There are a lot of renderings of this project, but this is the only one shows the updated version...
  13. Projects and Construction
    This project is awaiting city approval. There is conflicting info about the building heights. The floor counts range between 50 and 61 with heights between 591' and 695'. But the heights in the thread title come from released elevations which are probably the most accurate source. Tower #1...
  14. Projects and Construction
    There is a lot of info and tons of renderings of this project posted elsewhere. But we don't have a thread for it in the Texas sub-forum. So here is the basic info. The site plan for demo of the hotel on the site and excavation of the underground parking levels has been approved. Demo...
  15. Highrises
    EXCLUSIVE: 51-story condo tower planned for Rainey district
  16. Highrises
    Getting to Know Block 71, Downtown’s Most Fascinating Mixed-Use Plan @DanKeshet on Twitter
  17. Projects and Construction
    30-Story Alexan Capitol Apartment Tower Planned at 11th & Sabine
  18. Projects and Construction
    Two new hotels to add 1,000 rooms to Austin market
  19. Projects and Construction
  20. Projects and Construction