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  1. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    One Barangaroo - Crown Towers Sydney Sydney, Australia 271m/890ft Wilkonson Eye Residential/Hotel Crown Sydney by cnd, on Flickr Sydney, Barangaroo skyline by fly wunala, on Flickr
  2. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    In approximately 4 weeks time, Mooloolaba - Sunshine Coast, will be my new home. It is the perfect place for drone footage and I can't wait to share my photographs and adventures with you. I hope that you enjoy this thread. I will get the thread started with some old images from last year...
  3. Victoria
    Daylesford: DAYLESFORD, VICTORIA © by Sydney Struwig, on Flickr DAYLESFORD, VICTORIA © by Sydney Struwig, on Flickr DAYLESFORD, VICTORIA © by Sydney Struwig, on Flickr DAYLESFORD, VICTORIA © by Sydney Struwig, on Flickr DAYLESFORD, VICTORIA © by Sydney Struwig, on Flickr DAYLESFORD...
  4. General Photography
    SYDNEY - Architecture & Places - Closed thread This thread is an invitation to enjoy beautiful Sydney, a fascinating city that causes admiration and jealousy in many ways. Sydney residents are truly blessed with an outdoor lifestyle thanks to the city's striking natural environment represented...
  5. Calibre


    Calibre by Koichi Takada Architects. 10-14 Cooper Street, Surry Hills, Sydney Australia
  6. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Greater Dandenong City Council is calling for nominations for Council’s Arts Advisory Board The City of Greater Dandenong plays a key role in the planning, development and support of arts and culture throughout the city. The Arts Advisory Board will support the vision for arts and culture across...
  7. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Prima Pearl Apartments Melbourne, Australia 254m/833ft 72 floors Residential Disegno Australia; Rijavec Architects 2014 photos from CTBUH
  8. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Brisbane Skytower Brisbane, Australia 269.4m/885ft 90 floors NRA Collaborative Residential 2019 by flipst3r
  9. Tasmania
    I think this development is worthy of it's own thread now :) Summary as at 21 July 2018: Consortium for an NBL license has been formed, led by Justin Hickey and David Bartlett Propose to buy and redevelop the Derwent Entertainment Centre Glenorchy City Council has in principle agreed to...
  10. Zagranica
    W listopadzie miałem okazję odwiedzić, niestety na krótko, Australię (a właściwie to tylko Sydney z przyległościami) i Wyspę Północną Nowej Zelandii (tu pojeździłem nieco więcej). Wrażeń przywiozłem sporo, fotek także, dlatego warto się chyba nimi podzielić. Oczywiście daleko mi do szczegółowego...
  11. Zagranica
    Wreszcie znalazłem trochę czasu żeby założyć wątek o tegorocznej wyprawie do Australii - trochę już od mojego powrotu minęło, ale trzeba było pozałatwiać różne sprawy, nie miałem głowy do ogarnięcia ogromu zdjęć jaki zwiozłem z wycieczki ;) Zobaczymy jak pójdzie z wątkiem, możliwe są dłuższe...
  12. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Each visit to Melbourne for me requires the need to visit somewhere new. One such place was Hawthorn. I had been to Hawthorn on a previous trip and that was for a uni ball. Now it was time to walk it and capture it. This batch focuses on the main drag - Glenferrie Road. IMG_4074 by...
  13. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Northbridge is regarded as Perth's entertainment and cultural precinct. The first set of shots takes us to William Street. IMG_4963 by fabianamuso, on Flickr IMG_4964 by fabianamuso, on Flickr IMG_4971 by fabianamuso, on Flickr IMG_4991 by fabianamuso, on Flickr IMG_4996 by...
  14. News & Weather Channel
    Who is- or was- the Infrastructure PM of Australia? Tony Abbott has recently recently claimed this title: are there other contenders?
  15. The Sports Club
    2014 thread for all related rugby union news.... Super Rugby starts in a couple of weeks. I've also added a Super Rugby 2014 poll.
  16. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    heyho. had a fantastic trip at the australian eastcoast an like to share the photos with you. Have fun or not :) Arriving at Melbourne, had to go through the seperate exit with the drugdog. That was cool, because my bag dropped as one of the last on the carusell. Saved me a lot of time at the...
  17. Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    ************ Current Major Projects - Updated: March 2018 ----------------------------------- ADELAIDE CBD PROJECTS VIS: 207 Pulteney Street - 195m / 60L / Mixed U/C: Adelaidean - 135m / 37L / Mixed U/C: Realm Apartments - 132m / 40L / residential PRO: 269 North Terrace - 118m / 34L /...
  18. Asia and Australia
    85 Castlereagh St Sydney, Australia HEIGHT: 151m/503feet FLOORS: 32fl COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT: ?
  19. Asia and Australia
    Lumiere Sydney, Australia HEIGHT: 151m/503feet FLOORS: 47fl COMPLETION: 2007 ARCHITECT: ?
  20. News & Weather Channel
    It seems that the Same Sex Rights thread has been deviating from the topic and the abortion thread is on the verge as well, so I reckon opening a new thread dedicated to a religious debate is reasonable. Anyone want to start?