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  1. Aircraft Photos and Video
    Aero India 2021 videos
  2. Aviation and Airports
    Kolhapur Airport (IATA: KLH, ICAO: VAKP) is an airport in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. It is situated at Ujlaiwadi, 9 km South-East from Kolhapur city. It is operated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). The AAI is expanding the airport at a cost of Rs 274 Crore.
  3. Aviation and Airports
    Kanpur Airport (IATA: KNU, ICAO: VIKA), was formally a military airport designated for the use of Indian Air Force that is why it is still referred to as Chakeri Air Force Station. It was only in 1970 that the commercial flights started to operate from this airport towards Ahmedabad, Delhi...
  4. Aviation and Airports
    Gorakhpur Airport (IATA: GOP, ICAO: VEGK) is an airport located in Gorakhpur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The Airports Authority of India operates it as a civil enclave at the Gorakhpur Air Force Station of the Indian Air Force. From the city the airport is 5 miles (8.0 km). The...
  5. Aviation and Airports
    Bareilly Airport (IATA: BEK, ICAO: VIBY) is an civil enclave at the Indian Air Force's Trishul Air Base in Izzatnagar, 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) north of Bareilly in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India
  6. Aviation and Airports
    Uttar Pradesh is the state which has largest population in India. It is developing at a very fast rate and will require many airports to cater to the demand which would rise in the comming years. For this the government has planned many airports. Soon it will become a state with most number of...
  7. Airlines
    We had a topic about SBA Airlines before, but I decided to let it rest and just open a new topic for all messages concerning Venezuelan aviation. Like the country itself, Venezuelan airlines are mostly in shambles. Avior is transferring much of its operations and aircraft to its Colombian...
  8. Infrastructure and Mobility
    An independent thread for Tunisair subsidiary company Tunisair Express for news.
  9. Infrastructure and Mobility
    As Tunisia launched its first air cargo company Express Air Cargo to link the African countries to Europe at a first step. This is a thread about any Cargo news in Tunisia and the other thread will be only for commercial aviation news. :cheers:
  10. Transportation-Infrastructure
    This will become the new home for all things governing San Francisco Bay Area Airport and Aviation developments. Note: there is a similar thread governing Bay Area airports here; however, I'm looking at consolidating that thread with this one to make postings and discussions more efficient. San...
  11. Uzbekistan
    We will discuss about civil aviation
  12. Aircraft
    An-158 for Cubana Airlines:
  13. Інфраструктура і транспарт
    На оф. сайте "Александров-пассаж" появился проект продолжения аэропорта (точно не знаю, какую функцию будет выполнять данная пристройка). К сожалению пока информации никакой нет, но есть варианты проектов, и даже утверждённый, насколько это на самом деле нам поможет знать (надеюсь на это в...
1-14 of 64 Results