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  1. BALTIMORE | Liberty Harbor East | 711 S Central Ave | 22 fl | 280ft | T/O

    Development News
    Height: 280 feet Floor count: 22 Location: 711 S Central Ave. Neighborhood: Harbor East Architect: Hickok Cole Developer: Bozzuto Includes: 340 residential units (291 apartments and 49 condos); 60,000 square feet of retail space (including a 50,000 square foot Whole Foods).
  2. BALTIMORE | 500 Park | 7 fl | Completed

    Development News
    Floor count: 7 Location: 500 Park Avenue Neighborhood: Mt. Vernon Architect: Alexander Design Studio Developer: The Time Group Includes: 153 apartments, 4,000 square feet of retail, one level of parking
  3. BALTIMORE | Port Covington Redevelopment and Under Armour HQ Campus |UC

    Development News
    I'm starting a new thread for the Port Covington Redevelopment and Under Armour HQ Campus. Since this is going to be a project that unfolds over the next two decades or longer, I thought it might be nice to have a dedicated thread for historical purposes. At the very least, it'll be fun to...
  4. Baltimore-Washington Regional Cycling News & Photos

    This thread is for Cycling news & Photos in Baltimore , Maryland Suburbs , DC & Northern Virgina.. Some DC Cycleways from BeyondDC 1st Street NE cycletrack by BeyondDC, on Flickr 1st Street NE by BeyondDC, on Flickr 1st Street NE by BeyondDC, on Flickr Bike turn lanes on the 15th Street...
  5. Highways & Roads of the Baltimore - Washington Region

    This thread is for Highway & Road news in Baltimore , MD Suburbs , Washington DC & Northern Virgina Crossing of the Potomac Bridges & Tunnels in Baltimore Interstate 95 Interstate 83 2010 10 18 - 7345 - Baltimore - View from Sun Garage by Bossi, on Flickr JFX S-Curve by...
  6. Baltimore Red Line | 14.1 mi (22.7 km) | 19 Stations | Cancelled

    edit , This thread is for the cancelled Baltimore Red Line Project... (nexis) Very, Very big news for the Baltimore region re: the Red Line. Title VI actions are no joke and the NAACP and ACLU would not have taken this route unless they thought there was some blood in the...
  7. Maryland Transit Administration | Buses

    This thread is MTA Buses... Source : Mta Maryland NFI DE40LFR by ExactoCreation, on Flickr Charm City Circulator by t55z, on Flickr Charm City Circulator by So Cal Metro, on Flickr
  8. Baltimore's Bridges & Tunnels

    This thread is for news , photos and discussions about Baltimore's Road & Rail Tunnels... Francis Scott Key Bridge Francis Scott Key Bridge by anna492, on Flickr Francis Scott Key Bridge by Maryland Transportation Authority, on Flickr Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Baltimore Harbor Tunnel...
  9. BALTIMORE | 414 Light Street | 152m | 500ft | 44 fl | Com

    Development News
    Height: 500 feet Floor count: 44 Location: 414 Light Street Neighborhood: Inner Harbor Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz Developer: Questar Properties, Inc. Includes: 392 apartments; 12,500 square feet of retail; and 550 parking spaces
  10. MARC Camden Line | 39 mi (63 km)| 12 Stations | In Service

    This thread is for general discussions , news , photos , and videos about the MARC Camden line.. 2010 03 01 - 2181-2184 - Laurel - MARC Station by Bossi, on Flickr DC Bound Camden Line Train by Brandon Kaback, on Flickr Camden Station by Tom Bastin, on Flickr
  11. BALTIMORE | 325 West Baltimore | 30 fl | ??? ft | Demolition

    Development News
    Height: ??? I've seen 325 feet listed, but I can't find anything official. Anyone know? Floor count: 30 Location: 325 W Baltimore Street Neighborhood: Westside Architect: Curry Architects Developer: David S. Brown Includes: 241 apartments on 17 floors; 100,000 square feet of office space on 4...
  12. BALTIMORE | 1 Light Street | 28 fl | 364ft | T/O

    Development News
    Height: 426 feet Floor count: 30 Location: 1 Light Street Neighborhood: CBD Architect: AECOM Developer: Metropolitan Partnership Ltd. Includes: 340 apartments on 14 floors plus a penthouse floor; 281,580 square feet of office space on 10 floors; 20,695 square feet of retail; and 646 parking...
  13. UNITED STATES - Port of Baltimore

    UNITED STATES - Port of Baltimore port of baltimore - VoxEfx by Vox Efx, on Flickr Port of Baltimore Maryland by pscf11, on Flickr Domino Sugar by Skelly B, on Flickr [/url]DSC04303 by sevensixfive, on Flickr[/IMG] DSC04320 by sevensixfive, on Flickr 18 by eblaser, on Flickr
  14. BALTIMORE | 300 E. Pratt St. | 164m | 525ft | 48 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    Hotel, apartments planned for new East Pratt tower
  15. BALTIMORE | 1 Light Street | 111m | 364ft | 26 fl | T/O

    --- The addition of 10 floors of offices will push this new tower over 400 feet... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously as a 23 story apartment...
  16. BALTIMORE | 325 West Baltimore | 100m | 325ft | 30 fl | U/C

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- David S. Brown's planned 29-story tower on Baltimore's west side moves forward
  17. BALTIMORE | Mechanic Towers | 107m | 350ft | 32 fl | 22 fl | Prep

    Proposed Highrises
    The mid-century Brutalist Mechanic Theatre in the heart of Baltimore is being demolished for commercial redevelopment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mechanic Theatre's latest development plan...
  18. DC - Baltimore Maglev Train?

    Baltimore-Washington Maglev | 2 Stations ? | Proposed This thread is for the proposed DC-Baltimore Maglev train.. For Amtrak and MARC please see threads below.. MARC Penn Line Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Organizers line up big names to push new high-speed rail line linking D.C. to N.Y...
  19. BALTIMORE | Harbor Point Projects | U/C

    Development News
    With the TIF set to be approved as early as Monday, it's time for a new thread only on this subject. Post your construction photos and discussion here!
  20. New UB Law Center: Designed in Germany, born in Baltimore

    I am looking forward to a great piece of German Architecture being opened this month in Baltimore: The University of Baltimore's new Peter Angelos Law Center. LEED Platinum, double glass facades, light and bright, innovative and creative: no lederhosen or broodiness as far as the eye can see...