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  1. Heritage, Tourism & Infrastructure
    World Bank’s $475m aid for BRT-3 to move to Covid-19 project Not sure if this was posted before but it is an old news.
  2. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Bangladesh é um país asiático, rodeado quase por inteiro pela Índia, exceto a sudeste, onde tem uma pequena fronteira terrestre com Myanmar, e ao sul, onde tem litoral no Golfo de Bengala. O país está listado entre as economias do grupo "Próximos Onze". A capital do país é Daca. O nordeste...
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  8. Urban Showcase
    Few of the many commercial towers and on-going projects on Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  9. Cityscapes & Urban Development
    A thread with less talk and more action A thread with DSLR quality photos only A thread that tells all the major cities in the world that Dhaka is on its way A thread which shall surely disappoint CNN, BBC, and last but not the least Mr. Henry Kissinger :cheers:
  10. Heritage, Tourism & Infrastructure
    Arunima Countryside and Golf Resort is situated in Narail in the south western part of the country. It is currently the only eco, agro, river and sports-based tourism resort in Bangladesh.
  11. General Photography
    My objective in this thread will be to promote the positive sides of Bangladesh. Yes- while we do have our negative sides as much propagated by the media, we are also a booming Asian economy in transition with blessed natural beauty. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE-1 1.Parliament of Bangladesh 2...
  12. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Many threads have showcased the positive and negative aspects of one of the most populated countries in the world- Bangladesh. The objective of this thread will be to highlight the positive side of life in this country which her people have grown to love. Credit of The Daily Star Excitement...
  13. Heritage, Tourism & Infrastructure
  14. Railways
    Metre gauge 2718 leaves Mymensingh with the Balaka Express, the 1500 to Dhaka. The train is well loaded with plenty of people on the roof. metre gauge 2806, a 1995 build from DLW Varanasi,India and 2224 a 1963 EMD, stand at Dhaka Kamlapur loco shed. Women do their share of heavy work here. A...
  15. Cityscapes & Urban Development
    The Mermaid Eco Resort Bungalows is a sister concern of Mermaid Cafe, Cox's Bazar. Officially inaugurating September 2009 the resort hosts accommodation for about 80 people. The rooms fall into 3 categories - The Standard Bungalows, The Deluxe Bungalows and The Villas. The resort will also...
  16. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Alright people, you can find pictures of the capital city of Dhaka in a separate thread- as you know it is one of the largest cities in the world. However, what most people don't know is the fact that there is a lot more to Bangladesh than just Dhaka :) Bangladesh is divided into 64 districts...
  17. Economy, Business & Investments ^^ more on that link :bash:
  18. Cityscapes & Urban Development
    I did not find any threads so far which deal with interior decoration issues in Bangladesh. So I figured I'll start off a small thread. Provided TMAC okays -- we can all pitch in. First link is from archsel Second is a link from our pioneer in Dhaka Interior design, Ms. Tanya Karim. Here's a...
  19. Cityscapes & Urban Development
    This is a continuation of the Metro Dhaka - Part 4. Please use this thread to post photos of all the modern Dhaka has to offer. Enjoy!
  20. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Dhaka Bangladesh The most common image that usually comes to mind for most peope about this city is poverty and floods. But Dhaka is a city far more than that and infact is much more modern and beautiful than most people think. Though the poverty is there, it has made great progress over the...