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  1. Proposed Supertalls
  2. San Francisco Bay Area
    Hello everyone. I delighted myself in San Francisco last week. It was a phenomenal one for sure. It was my first time in California and couldn't have asked for more. I always knew San Francisco was an important city, and through some pictures, I was able to understand what it would look...
  3. San Francisco Bay Area
    San Joaquin Development News Development news for Stockton and surrounding areas. Downtown 035 (Merged) by ToughLoveJoe, on Flickr Stockton news:
  4. Transportation-Infrastructure
    Note: this thread is in conjunction with my other Transportation threads here at SSC. For more information, visit my Transportation Compilation Thread here. Also, usually, with my threads, there will be a poll accompanied with it; however, since this thread will comprise multiple disciplines, no...
  5. Urban Showcase
    I've been on this site a while but never made a thread. Many of you will recognize me and my Oakland work from SSP. In the interest of not reposting the sets I already posted over there, I compiled a "best of" set of sorts. For those unfamiliar with the Town, Oakland is a mid-sized city of...
  6. Urban Showcase
    This is my first post ever for Skyscraper City, and this is probably the best place for me to start. My name is Anthony, I have lived in Manila from birth until after my 18th birthday, and I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may have known me through other forums, but I am here in a...
  7. General Urban Developments
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Didn`t found a thread about it, so discussion might start right here:
  8. Urban Showcase
    This past weekend I flew to San Francisco to visit a friend in law school at Berkeley. It was my first trip to the Bay area and I must say I had a fantastic 5 days there! I timed my trip to coincide with the Castro Street Fair, but unfortunately I left the battery to my camera at his apartment...
  9. San Francisco Bay Area
    The Great Quake: 1906-2006 Days before the disaster San Francisco, the 'Paris of America,' was booming with industry and culture — a Gold Rush city built in an instant. It was also a calamity waiting to happen. This is the first of a 10-part retelling of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake — and...
  10. San Francisco Bay Area
    ON SITE IN SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA!! I am happy to finally present you all with a photo series of San Francisco, taken on two separate occasions within the past month amid splendid, sunny weather. :cool: In trying to decide how to arrange all these photos, I thought of some alternatives...
1-12 of 12 Results