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  1. Negev
    Be'er Sheva CBD office tower 13 fl u/c end - 2014
  2. Negev
    BEER SHEVA Shimoni Towers 2 x 45 fl VB, Prop כתבה
  3. Negev
    Ispro mall/supermarket + attractions and "Planet" cinema complex + fashion mall + Big Boxes 63,000 sqm construction started 11/2013
  4. Negev
    Beer Sheva Liberty Towers location: CBD floors: 24 fl 24 fl above 4 floors shopping mall height: 100 m status: tower 1 - t/o Developer: Liberty
  5. Negev
    Beer Sheva Tzamarot Oasis type: condos floors: 4 x 30 fl status: approved
  6. Negev
    Beer Sheva Migdalei Avisror Avisror Rager Boulevard type: condos + shops location: Rager Boulevard floors: 4 x 21 fl start: 2012 status: stage 1 towers t/o architects: Tito Architects developer: Avisror
  7. Negev
    Beer Sheva Top Towers type: condos floors: 2 x 14 fl status: u/c start: 2013 completion: 2014
  8. Negev
    Oshira Tower type: offices + business hotel location: City CBD start: 2013 status: u/c size: 16,000 sq.m architects: OKA Architects מגדל אושירה שד’ רגר באר שבע אושירה בונה את מתחם רגר בלב העיר באר שבע. המתחם נהנה מהמיקום הטוב ביותר בבאר שבע – בליבו של מרכז העסקים הראשי ועל השדרה הראשית בעיר...
  9. Negev
    Grand Kenyon Beer Sheva Mall and office tower floors: 14 fl status: u/c total size: 145,000 sq.m Located in a residential area of the southern city of Be'er Sheva, the Grand Mall Beer Sheva was planned to be the largest mall in the country and uses the latest mall design. Grand Mall Beer...
  10. Negev
    how can it be that there is no Be'er Sheva thread?! well, new expansion to road 40 between Nathan-camp junction to HaNegev junction. at approximate cost of 300m Shekels. the project is considering the fact the "Ir Habahadim" is going to be built in there...
  11. Photo Forum
    Be'er Sheva, the Negev's 'Capital' and the largest city in southern Israel, had its name given in the Bible, where it is said that Abraham dug wells in the city (Be'er), and swore his camaraderie with Elimelech, King of Plishtim (Sheva). This shouthern metropolitan is the transportation...
1-12 of 12 Results