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  1. DN Archives
    Developer: Greenland Location: Wangjing CBD Pics by 千百度.
  2. Cityscapes / 城市风光
    x-posted from GH's thread
  3. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    the Water cube By alika89[email protected]/5400117214/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Birds' Nest, the Natioanl stadium By CAR Julia Grand National Theatre By Terry.L...
  4. Mundo Afora
    CHINA A República Popular da China, vulgarmente conhecida como China, é o maior país da Ásia Oriental e o mais populoso do mundo, com mais de 1,3 bilhão de habitantes, aproximadamente um quinto da população da Terra. om aproximadamente 9,6 milhões de quilômetros quadrados, a República Popular...
  5. Urban Showcase
    Hi, here are some photos taken by me from my trip to Beijing, China!!: there will be more coming soon:)
  6. Urban Showcase
    Here is the last thread about my train journey, in July 2010, from Moscow to Beijing. The links towards the first threads : Moscow Across Siberia The Great Baïkal Going to Mongolia ! Ulan Bator and the surroundings Experiencing the Gobi desert 1- Waking up on board, after the exhausting...
  7. Urban Showcase
    In this thread I want to share all my recent pictures of this vibrant city :cheers: Starting with a typical tourist trap; Refurbished and rebuilt Qianmen Street, south of the Tiananmen Square
  8. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    im not sure if this is the right section to post this thread but: i'm not too sure here, but did the cultural revolution destroy much of china's cities or was it just destroying cultural traditions and religions? did it actually affect buildings and cities?
  9. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    hi, i'm not sure if theres already a thread on this, but i've decided to show some photos (some that i took and some on the net) of buildings that have been designed with traditional/cultural elements on it. it looks really good and i believe more of these sort of buildings should be up as each...
  10. Urban Showcase
    beijing-Olympic venues
  11. DN Archives
    Visualisations (as of Fall 2011): The plot is being cleared according to the press, and it was purchased by Greenland.
  12. General Photography
    I enjoy going places at a regular basis, both locally and beyond. Mountain hiking in the mountains of Norway is a favourite. I always bring my camera and make sure to take many pictures. So in this thread i will post a lot of photos from my journeys and adventures in Norway (glaciers, fjords...
  13. Путовања и репортаже
    Evo mene ponovo sam mojim reportazama.Ovu reportazu nisam uradio ja vec moj otac koji je bio na sajmu u Pekingu.Imao je dosta slobodnog vremena, tako da je to iskoristio na najbolji moguci nacin a to je da poseti trg Tjenanmen.Uzivajte u reportazi... Ovo je hotel u kome je odseo A sada...
  14. Cityscapes / 城市风光
    I took the CRH from Beijing to Tianjin days after its opening on August 1, 2008, it was a very thrilling experience!
  15. Зарубежье
    ============================================================================== 1/Guangzhou 2/Shenzhen 3/Zhuhai 4/Huizhou 5/Dongguan 6/Beijing ============================================================================== Гуандун / Guangdong Province Гуанду́н (кит. трад. 廣東, упрощ. 广东...
  16. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Angers, Athens, Ávila, Baghdad, Bautzen, Beijing, Belz, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Damascus, Deventer, Dublin, Gdańsk, Hanoi, Jerusalem, Kazan, Kiev, Kyoto, Lisbon, London, Lüneburg, Mdina, Mönchengladbach, Nicosia, Oslo, Oxford, Paris, Prague, Rome, Salzburg...
  17. Photos
    Took a over three week long trip to Tibet and China just recently and had a really amazing trip. I am actually afraid it will take a long time before i can experience something similar! I was not alone though, travelled with a fellow forumer, Ringil. First we flew to Beijing and up to Lhasa in...
  18. Urban Showcase
    Let's start with Nanjing. Quite unknown, tourists rather skip this city when coming to China but with a lot of interesting histroricla places to see, such as Sun Yatsen's mausoleum, a holocaust memorial site reminding us of the 1937 massacre, some temples geradens, a huge city wall, an old...
  19. Cityscapes / 城市风光
    Universal Studios plans Beijing theme park Thu Feb 12, 2009 (Adds confirmation from Beijing government and Beijing Tourism)
  20. Cityscapes / 城市风光
    Dec 20 arriving Beijing Capital Airport T3, Taking airport line to downtown 4th Ring 3rd Ring CBD