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  1. Sint-Truiden

    The central buildings around the market square. DSC03778 by Josh RAD, on Flickr DSC03807 by Josh RAD, on Flickr DSC03812 by Josh RAD, on Flickr DSC03814 by Josh RAD, on Flickr DSC03809 by Josh RAD, on Flickr
  2. BELGIUM | Urban Transport Compilation

    Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is about public transport in Belgium
  3. The city of Liège (Belgium)

    Urban Showcase
    Liège is the fourth city in Belgium and has approx. 200.000 inhabitants (600.000 inhabitants incl. suburbs) In the summer of 2014 and 2016 i visited the city for a daytrip. Here they come: Preview: A. The city hall in the hirstorical city-center. SUMMER 2014 1. These tower blocks in...
  4. Overview of Liège, Belgium

    Urban Showcase
    As my last Liège thread was starting to get a bit long and messy, and as I have made a hell of a lot of photos since I last posted in it, I decided to start a new, more structured one. For readers who don't know, Liège is a the capital of the eastern Belgian province of the same name. It is...
  5. Cycling in Belgium

    Let's start a thread about cycling in Belgium. The country is rapidly improving its road infrastructure, and the bicycle is often part of reconstruction plans. Let's start with a new bike bridge across N75 near Genk. photos by Ivo;
  6. Gent 3D

    :) st-Niklaaskerk: Graslei: zicht vanaf Het Gravensteen kasteel:
  7. The Rest of Belgium

    Urban Showcase
    Welcome to my second thread about Belgium, where I will post my favourite photos of the parts of the country which are outside the province of Liège. This will include both smaller towns which I have visited once, and various instalments on different parts of Brussels (and some of Charleroi). I...
  8. Varied cityscapes in the city and province of Liège, Belgium Part 1

    Urban Showcase
    I have greatly enjoyed many photo-posts on SSC in the last few years, so I thought I would return the pleasure to other users by uploading some photos of my own, seeing as I have many of them. My first post is about Liège, the city (and its province) I have lived in for the past 3 and a half...
  9. ANTWERPEN / ANTWERP / ANVERS / アントウェルペン

    Urban Showcase
    Flanders' largest city, home to diamonds and a seaport. Statue of Peter Paul Rubens with the city's cathedral in the background: Antwerpen / Antwerp Close-up of the cathedral (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal) tower. Consecrated in 1521, its 2nd tower was never completed...
  10. LIEGE, Wallonia, Belgium

    Urban Showcase
    Liège, Luik, Lüttich, Lîdje: this city has many names and many faces. Liege is a very interesting medieval city, but a modern monstruosity too. Liege has beautiful romanesque chruches and it has grey concrete flats. Contrasts: the Belgians have made them their speciality. The old centre of...
  11. Brussels - 74 touristy shots

    Urban Showcase
    I was in Brussels (as part of a larger western European adventure) for the first time this past July and thought that I'd share my pictures here. They are pretty much all from some of the more touristy areas. I enjoyed my time there, and would definitely return again...
  12. MAS | Antwerp | 62m | 14fl

    Europe and Africa
    MAS | Antwerp | 62m | 10fl Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) Antwerp, Belgium HEIGHT: 62m FLOORS: 10 floors COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT: Neutelings Riedijk Architects USE: Museum The Museum Aan de Stroom is a museum located in the Eilandje district of Antwerp, Belgium, opened in May 2011. The 62...
  13. Castle of Arenberg | Leuven, Belgium

    Middle Ages
    The site had been the castle of the lords of Heverlee since the 12th century, but this family became impoverished and had to sell the site in 1445 to the Croÿ family from Picardy. Antoon van Croy demolished the medieval castle and started works to build the current castle in 1455 on the site, of...
  14. BRUSSELS and MADRID by Vecais Sakarnis

    Urban Showcase
    I have to pause my other threads and start to post pics while still fresh memories from my trip to Brussels and Madrid - both of them were really great. In overall, I spent about 1,5 days in Brussels and 4 days in Madrid and took about 1500 photos from which best part I will try to show here...
  15. Belgium | België | Belgique by vinterriket

    Travels Abroad
    For many people, Belgium is just an overpopulated, polluted and boring place between Germany and France where the EU is headquartered. If you think that way too, I hope this thread will prove you wrong :) This trip-report covers 3 months-worth of trips throughout Belgium, a place I knew little...
  16. LIÈGE - LUIK - LÜTTICH ... crown of Wallonia

    Urban Showcase
    Palais des Princes-Évêques de Liège Liège Pont Maghin Liège Cathédrale Saint-Paul de Liège Liège Pont de Fragnée ...
  17. Walk around Brussels (December 2010)

    Urban Showcase
    Hi! I think that my fotos can describe Brussels much better than me :) So lets strart «Бельгия, Брюссель» на Яндекс.Фотках «Бельгия, Брюссель» на Яндекс.Фотках «Бельгия, Брюссель» на Яндекс.Фотках «Бельгия, Брюссель» на Яндекс.Фотках «Бельгия, Брюссель» на Яндекс.Фотках «Бельгия...
  18. Незнакомый Брюссель

    Как только многие слышат слова "Брюссель", то сразу в их сознании возникают площадь Гран-Плас, Писающий Мальчик, большой красивый собор в центре, Атомиум, здание Европарламента и парк Мини-Европа. В сегодняшнем посте всей этой попсы нет. Flags near station Brussels-Zuid by x.wonderful, on...
  19. CHARLEROI, Wallonia, Belgium

    Urban Showcase
    Summer 2010, I visited Charleroi, a city in Wallonia (southern Belgium) with 200.000 inhabitants. In Holland ( in Belgium as well) the city is notorious for its high unemployment, bankrupt industry and pollution. Although these things are true (unemployment rate is about 25%) Charleroi is not as...
  20. Брюссель Декабрь 2010

    Свой фото-рассказ о Брюсселе я решил начать с парка «Мини-Европа». «Парк "Мини-Европа"» на Яндекс.Фотках «Парк "Мини-Европа"» на Яндекс.Фотках «Парк "Мини-Европа"» на Яндекс.Фотках «Парк "Мини-Европа"» на Яндекс.Фотках «Парк "Мини-Европа"» на Яндекс.Фотках Здесь представлены...