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  1. Bergen (NH)

    Al weer enige tijd geleden een fotoserie van Bergen aan Zee hier geplaatst. Nu het vervolg daarvan, een stukje Schoorlse Duinen en het dorp Bergen. Alle foto's 25-05-2013. 1. Na het verlaten van Bergen aan Zee een wandeling langs de Zeeweg en de rand van het Noordhollands Duinreservaat...
  2. Oostenrijk – Virgental - juni 2012

    Oostenrijk – Virgental - juni 2012 Een paar weken terug ben ik een weekje naar de bergen gegaan om daar lekker in de natuur en in de bergen te wandelen. Was voor mij de eerste keer, maar vond dit ook nodig om gewend te raken aan het stijgen en dalen ivm de Larestrail die ik ga lopen in Peru...
  3. Bergen by notifyist

    In a similar fashion to Trondheimer's My Trondheim thread, I'm starting this thread, where I will be posting photos taken myself. I'll try to add a map as often as possible:) From Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with a population of 261 311 as of April 1th, 2010...
  4. Norwegean Fjords Cruize

    The Urban Tourist
    The best way to experience Norway is on a Fjord Cruise. Fjords are long and narrow inlets with steep sides created in a valley carved by Glacial activity. Western Norway abounds with Fjords and is a very popular destination among Cruise Ships. The million year old Briksdal Glacier I went...
  5. BERGEN | Kollektivtrafikk | Public Transportation

    So in short this means that all buslines in Bergen will get new numbers, and Southern Bergen is the first who gets new linenumbers. That means that my bus 546 Øvsttun will from 16. august be line nr. 70 Øvsttun!:banana: Linemap for Southern Bergen(Fana and Ytrebygda boroughs, not Årstad)...
  6. NORWAY | Projects & Construction

    City/Metro Compilations
    will be updated
  7. Newcastle - Our Official "Twin Cities" and all the "Newcastles of the World"

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Earlier today I strlled across to the Auzzie section of SSC (usuallu only the Canadian side of things I look at) and I proposed to them that we should each make a dedicated thread about each others city of Newcastle because as twin cities we share more then just been twin cities, we share...
  8. CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR Celebrations, Events, Stories, Photos - Also, Forum Members Christmas & New Year Greetings and Messages

    Newcastle Metro Area
    "A Merry Newcastle Christmas" A bit early . . still November . . but along with 'Fenwicks Toy Fair' and then 'Fenwicks Windows', the annual arrival of our big Christmas tree from our Twin City of Bergen, is one of those 'Newcastle Christmas things' that happens every year, and has done since...
  9. BERGEN | Bybanen | Light Rail System | Stage 1 | Completed

    Bybanen - Bergen Light Rail - Bergen, Norway Bybanen is by far the biggest project going on in Bergen at the moment, and it's also one of the biggest projects in the country. Bybanen is a light rail system under construction in Bergen, Norway. The first stage of the project is a 9.8-kilometre...
  10. New Jersey Nature & Weather Pix

    New Jersey
    Here are some weather & Nature pictures i have taken this past year with my new Digital Camera:) Back in March During a Sunset after a Storm A few days ago during Sunset More to come,so stayed tuned :) ~Corey
  11. Bergen, Norway

    Bergen, Norway Hei! I've been lurking around here for a while now, mostly here in the N&B section, and I must say I admire your photo work, guys! :cheers: Unfortunately though, I've noticed a dangerous lack of Bergen on N&B, so I'll cover this gorgeous city for you right now! :) Now, I'll...
  12. Noruega | Norway

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Noruega é um país nórdico da Europa setentrional que ocupa a parte ocidental da Península Escandinava, a ilha de Jan Mayen e o arquipélago ártico de Esvalbarda, através do Tratado de Esvalbarda. A parte continental do país divide fronteira a leste com a Suécia e ao norte com a Finlândia e a...
  13. Northern New Jersey Development News

    New Jersey
    Northern New Jersey Development News Planned, Ongoing, and Recently Completed projects in Northern New Jersey --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. BERGEN | Byutvikling og byggeprosjekter | Development thread

    Norway Location and information on all listed projects in Bergen. Selected projects A selection of Bergen's ongoing projects. To view the complete overview of all projects, go to Urbika. Grand Hotel Terminus Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen Odontologibygget Illustration by MIR...