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  1. Deutschland
    Hello there - i've been asked by a German forumer to post these pics here as some of you may have missed them in the Urban Showcase thread. I visited Berlin back in summer 2007 and really loved it - you have a great city which i will certainly be visiting again in the future. Enjoy my pics...
  2. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    This thread is free for everybody to post pictures of Berlin. Lets start with one of the most multicutural parts of Berlin - Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg (images taken fromwikipedia and flickr)
  3. Berlin Talk
    Hier also ein bunter Strauß Berlin-Bilder. Zeigt allgemeine eigene oder fremde Aufnahmen der Kapitale, die unser Herz höher schlagen lassen! Nicht vergessen: Bei jedem Bild die Quelle mit angeben, auch bei eigenen Fotos. Sonst werden die Aufnahmen in Links umgewandelt oder gelöscht. Jawohl...
  4. Reportage dall'estero e focusbar
    Ecco a voi alcune delle numerose foto che ho fatto a Berlino la scorsa settimana: una città che mi ha incantato per la sua architettura, per l'roganizzaione dei trasporti, per l'uso massiccio dele bicilette, per la vita che si respira, per l'integrazione tra diverse culture, per i tedeschi e le...
  5. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    You know the Brandenburg Gate, but did you know that? 1. Looks like Paris, but these elaborate buildings are from a period called Gründerzeit (founders time of the German Empire) and can still be found in larger numbers in several districts like Charlottenburg...
  6. Berlin Talk
    Ein Strang für schwergewichtige Berliner Panoramabilder.
  7. Zagranica
    wiem wiem bylo juz sporo zdjec z berlina ale berlina nigdy za duzo. bede wrzucac co jakis czas z innych dzielnic zdjecia ale zaczynam z ku dammem:
  8. TV and OB-Towers
    Fernsehturm Berlin, Germany HEIGHT: 368m FLOORS: 6 floors COMPLETION: 1964 ARCHITECT: ? the berliner fernsehturm is a tv tower with 2 obversation floors, one floor is a cafe thats rotate 368,03 m tall and the tallest building in germany the tower has 3 lifts: 2 for "normal" passengers und the...
1-9 of 9 Results