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  1. The Lunar Society
    It's one of out biggest and best hotels. It gets photographed quite a bit, and helped kick off this current phase of Birmingham's Regeneration when it opened in 1990. Hotel Website What Expedia thinks of it.
  2. Completed Projects
    Don't suppose this thread will get used much, but it will help keep the V Building thread clear and it is the renovation of one of Brum's largest buildings, top hotels and is pretty striking. I went past it today and the new grey/black/white colour scheme looks pretty good. I think it is...
  3. Completed Projects
    Location: Corner of Holloway Head and Ernest St. Some images from an earlier post by Feltip: Another image spotted by brum2003: Some photos I took today:
  4. Birmingham Metro Area
    Think this one has snuck into planning without us noticing.
  5. Birmingham Metro Area
    BIRMINGHAM is playing a key role in a five-star year so far for the UKs hotel industry, as a average cost of a room in the city rises to £78.00. 2007 looks set to a prime 12 months for the hotel sector, with Birmingham one of the best performing cities, according to a new report by Deloitte. In...
  6. Completed Projects
    I think I would be the first to kick of discussions on views regarding the new Cube development in the mailbox. There is a cool video on the following this Website showing where the cube in located ( I didn’t realise it was so close to the mailbox itself ) It looks amazing and would be...
  7. Completed Projects
    The poor old HCT threads all seem to have bit the dust, dunno if they're coming back or not.....anyway it's very near completion so here's a quick history lesson :) August 23rd 2003 That bloody stayed this way for yonks October 2003 November 28th 2003 We have a crane...
1-7 of 7 Results