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  1. BIRMINGHAM | Exchange Square 2 | 37 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    McAleer & Rushe has won a £68m contract for the construction of the first stage of the £120m Exchange Square 2 development in Birmingham city centre. Work for the 37-storey build-to-rent residential tower block, opposite the future HS2 Curzon Street rail station, starts on site this week...
  2. Go-ahead for Birmingham’s skinny tower

    Birmingham City Council has granted planning permission for the construction of the city’s first habitable ‘super slender’ structure. Go-ahead for Birmingham’s skinny tower
  3. Abandoned BIRMINGHAM

    Hey all I thought I’d share with you a video that I decided to document during the current time so can look back and say, wow we lived through that. We were there If you like abandoned cities and stuff this is Birmingham like you’ve never seen it before, would be great if you could check it out...
  4. 24-25 St. Paul's Square | Mixed-Use | 5fl | Appr.

    Birmingham Metro Area
    The Space* Studio (Architects and Interior Design), Birmingham CURRENT STATE OF THE SITE: PROPOSAL: A mansard roof will be added to 24 St. Paul's Square - currently a three-storey Georgian building with basement office space. A new 5-storey new build will be added to that corner, with...
  5. BIRMINGHAM | 103 Colmore Row | 106m | 346ft | 26 fl | U/C

    A new tower on the site of the former NatWest Tower is to be constructed. It reaches 336ft high, with 26 storeys, making it the tallest building in the business district. The new building, designed by London-based architects Doone Silver, will measure 211,000 sq ft, with a steel, aluminum and...
  6. BIRMINGHAM | Harbert Five Points South | 15 fl | App

    Southeast Development News
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harbert plans 15-story, $40 million apartment project on Birmingham's Highland Avenue
  7. Birmingham Airport | Monarch Maintenance Hangar | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Today construction has started.
  8. Official Birmingham Development Thread 39!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    New year and quite a year to look forward to with things ongoing and loads to look forward to. Sefton's list :) First Half of new concourse in April and Library opening in September for starters :)
  9. Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    .:: BIRMINGHAM | THE SECOND CITY ::.-- POPULATION - 1,074,300 -- Birmingham Skyline by A.M.D.R., on Flickr
  10. Birmingham Airport | BHX

    Birmingham is an important city in Great Britain and one of the biggest and has the 7th largest airport in the country due to its proximity to that big city called "London" which has 4 of them 7 airports. The other 2 being Manchester and Edinburgh in Scotland. However BHX as we like to call it...
  11. Official Birmingham Development Thread 38!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Right, we have a new thread and a new leader, so what better to kick this thing off with some very very insightful articles from EGi Sir Albert Bore: Back to the future By Lisa Pilkington | 30-06-2012 | 07:00 | Print After an eight-year hiatus, Sir Albert Bore is back as leader of the...
  12. Selly Oak Shopping & Battery Park | Bristol Road | Mixed-Use | 15fl | 58m | U/C

    Birmingham Construction Forum
    Thought I'd make a separate thread for this one
  13. Former Selly Oak Hospital | Raddlebarn Road | Selly Oak | Mixed-Use | 8fl | U/C

    Birmingham Construction Forum
    As woody asked...
  14. The Big Brum Debate

    The Lunar Society
    Here is a link to the interesting recording of the Big Brum Debate which took place on Sunday. It was a debate around the prospects of a new mayor and has some fairly heavy weight panelists such as Sion Simon and Liam Byrne. Interesting watching - Sion Simon shows the most passion, Liam Byrne...
  15. West Midlands Metro | City Centre Extension | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    i few photos of the hundreds i have of a walk from dudley town to wednesbury ,were the new midland tram extention will run . start at top of dudley town were the new tram stop will be . dudley town were tram stop should be enterace to dudley zoo car park ,tram will run down to...
  16. Moland Street | Student Accommodation | 11fl | 38m | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Thanks to MSP for pointing out this had now started, a few diggers and a piling rig now on site. The site for the proposal, Its noted on the app that with the design of this building they have considered future development on the plot to the left where the advertisement boards are, including...
  17. Resorts World | NEC | Genting Casino Development | 43m | Comp.

    Completed Projects
  18. Exchange Building | Stephenson Place | Offices to Hotel | Conversion | 9fl | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Thought I'd start a thread for this one aswel, help keep better track of all the hotel proposals lately, Hotel will be a Premier Inn This app shows no changes to the building as such, Hopefully another app will go in with changes to the exterior, as this is what happened with Auchinleck House...
  19. Holiday Inn Express | Arena Central | 18 fl | 61m | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Thanks to Reiss for finding it, thought I'd make a separate thread... And Elevations... Arena Central Hotel 3 by sefton 66, on Flickr Arena Central Hotel 2 by sefton 66, on Flickr Arena Central Hotel 1 by sefton 66, on Flickr...
  20. Official Birmingham Development Thread 37!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    500 posts in the old one and lots of exciting things happening so time for a new thread. Won't be long before we get to 40 of these main threads :) Thinking about the discussion about Erebus' developments thread there is loads going on although quite a lot of that being hotel and leisure...