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  1. Ladywood House | New Street Station | 9fl | Refurb | Prop.

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Thought this was worthy of its own thread New app gone in today for Ladywood House, and we have an occupier to! Occupier will be Motel One, Looks like it will be their first Hotel outside Germany Some renders 1 by sefton 66, on Flickr 2 by sefton...
  2. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday vs. Merry Xmas Everybody

    The Lunar Society
    I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard and Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade - they're two of the most heard/seen/downloaded songs each Christmas, they were both first released in 1973 and they're both by bands formed here in the West Midlands - Wizzard in Birmingham and Slade in...
  3. BIRMINGHAM | Arena Birmingham | King Edwards Road | Redevelopment | Comp.

    Cultural, Sporting and Entertainment Venues
    Looks like we have movement and pictures, So felt it was time to make a thread.
  4. Arena Birmingham | King Edwards Road | Redevelopment | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Looks like we have movement and pictures, So felt it was time to make a thread.
  5. Birmingham, UK

    Urban Showcase
    PB251156 by stephenanstiss, on Flickr Here are some pictures i took of Birmingham during the christmas market. Some views from my hotel PB251007 by stephenanstiss, on Flickr PB251008 by stephenanstiss, on Flickr Larger >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PB251008 by stephenanstiss, on Flickr PB251013...
  6. One Martineau Place | Corporation Street | Offices to Hotels | Conversion | 11fl | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Cheers to Reiss for digging out the planning app! Address: One Martineau Place, Corporation Street Works: Renovation from office building into 2 hotels Architects: Falconer Chester Hall Hotel: Indigo (143 rooms) and StayBridge Suites (84 rooms) Planning reference number: 2011/07906/PA Site...
  7. Official Birmingham Development Thread 36!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    New month and time for new thread :) If Woody can do his magic and swap this and lock the old one. Exciting times, 23 days till Spiceal Street opens, topping out on La Tour soon, continuing deconstruction of Stephenson Tower for New Street and Eastside Park and BCU Eastside campus.
  8. BIRMINGHAM - National Indoor Arena (12,802)

    The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England opened in 1991 and is one of two primary indoor arenas in the city, the other being the LG Arena at NEC.

    Southeast Skylines Why not a picture thread for your favorite Southeast skylines? Stickied for your convenience! ;) Texas skylines will continue despite the overlap (since there's so many skylines in Texas!) Atlanta Skyline from the south by aaron.davidson, on Flickr
  10. References to Birmingham in Wikipedia

    The Lunar Society
    Just wondering how widespread Birmingham is referenced in Wikipedia. List the articles as you find them. Oh and obviously this excludes the Birmingham article and any location in and around Birmingham, or landmarks. A starter for 10. A picture reference. Don't ask how I came about this one...
  11. Official Birmingham Development Thread 35!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Well it seems we're having good news with NEC casino amongst work restarting on Snow Hill so we might as well have our new thread :) I come bearing news too of the new Dental Hospital at Pebble Mill with planning app due end of this month although they're leaving it close if it is to go in...
  12. The Second City of the UK?

    City Talk Lord Jones of Birmingham says that Birmingham is in danger of losing its second city staus to Manchester. So who is the second city?
  13. Biggest nightclub in Birmingham?

    The Lunar Society
    Any clubbers on this forum could answer this one?? The obvious answer is gatecrasher but I think HMV and the Q club are bigger so I have no idea. Any ideas?
  14. Official Birmingham Development Thread 34!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Sorry, time for thread no. 34.... and to open it up, some news storys... and another... and finally.....
  15. Great Barr Hall

    The Lunar Society
    Has anyone been to this site in recent years? I have always had an interest in derelict places, and this one is particularly interesting in terms of architectural style as well as its history. I know Bovis took the site over in 2006 on the proviso that it was restored. I understand that it...
  16. Health & Safety on Birmingham's Streets

    The Lunar Society
    Has anyone noticed the amount of sick, phlegm and trash on the streets in the city centre lately? It is truly vile... I noticed taxi drivers empty their coffee cups and trash where they loiter, and I think the gobbing on the street seems to be from a certain section of the community. I find it...
  17. Official Birmingham Development Thread 33!

    Birmingham Metro Area you were...
  18. Desirable Birmingham?

    The Lunar Society
    The Big City Plan outlines the ambition of Birmingham to make the top 20 of the worlds most liveable cities by 2028. I am not aware which index the document is pointing to, so i am assuming that any of the main headline reports count. This is ambitious when you consider that Birmingham will...
  19. Bullring

    Completed Projects
    I find it wierd how we dont have a thread for the bullring so thought id make one for all the photos people on here have:) would be good to see some construction photos as well if anyone has any. So heres some facts from the Bullring website...
  20. Tripadvisor Attacks Birmingham

    The Lunar Society
    The Sunday Mercury Article: Read here>>