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  1. Official Birmingham Development Thread 32! ‎

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Time for a new thread. Link to some other developments and key threads: Official Coventry Thread 4 ‎ Official Black Country Thread New Street Station Redevlopment (Gateway) | Redevelopment | U/C Library of Birmingham | Centenary Square | 60m | U/C Birmingham Transport Birmingham...
  2. UCB Phase 1 | Charlotte Street | New Campus | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Well, this tender has popped up on the internet! :) And here's the location in Brum. It may or may not include the office building fronting onto Sandpits, because IIRC, HSBC were looking at transferring more staff to it.
  3. Birmingham Development Summary

    Birmingham Metro Area
    BIRMINGHAM DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY Thought it was time for a comprehensive update of all the projects in the City Centre and major projects elsewhere in Birmingham. CITY CENTRE (area within Queensway) The Rotunda, New Street 234 flats in redevelopment of Grade II listed 23 storey/81m building...
  4. BIRMINGHAM - Villa Park (42,660)

    Aston Villa FC 7x League: 1894, 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1910, 1981 7x Cup: 1887, 1895, 1897, 1905, 1913, 1920, 1957 1x UEFA Champions League: 1982 1x UEFA Super Cup: 1982 Villa Park has been the home of the Aston Villa Football Club since 1897. It was a venue of the 1966 FIFA World Cup...
  5. Monorail

    Birmingham Metro Area Transport Projects
    Birmingham Monorail Though I’d post a dedicated thread, hope no-one minds. The Metro seemed an amazing project, especially considering Birmingham once had more miles of tramways than most cities in the world, but it appears doomed. I hear an American company was looking into building a...
  6. Eastside panorama photographs

    The Lunar Society
    Append Removed
  7. Birmingham Wedding Venues

    The Lunar Society
    Hello, I'm planning my wedding to take place in 2011(ish). I am fancying a church wedding, and then a reception at a venue that is interesting. Primarily in the north of Birmingham. Venues for wedding (in order of preference) Holy Trinity Church, Sutton Coldfield St Mary & Margaret, Castle...
  8. Birmingham German Market & Christmas Celebrations

    The Lunar Society
    German Market 2009 I can't get over how big it is this year. It starts at the info office on New Street, and goes all the way to the ICC/Symphony Hall.
  9. Huge Anglo Saxon gold hoard found in Staffordshire

    The Lunar Society
  10. Official Birmingham Development Thread 31! ‎

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Well 600 posts later for Thread 30 and exciting news on towers and work under construction on projects, New Street Station for one, and it's time for a new Official Thread :)
  11. BIRMINGHAM | Regal Tower | 201m | 56 fl | App

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    A new tower has gone in for planning in Birmingham. It will be the city's tallest building, and the tallest building in the UK outside of London :cheers: Architects are Aedas.
  12. Birmingham | New Street Station | Redevelopment | Comp.

    Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    Tada, A new thread to record construction. Network Rail Timeline plan: From Bio indicative images of design.
  13. New Street Station | Redevelopment | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Tada, A new thread to record construction. Network Rail Timeline plan: From Bio indicative images of design.
  14. Birmingham - UK City of Culture

    The Lunar Society There's some good reasoned debate on the Stirrer and thought we may as well have a thread. Good idea or bad idea? Should we be bidding? If so how can we ensure success this time? discuss :)
  15. Former George House | Lancaster Street | Student Accommodation | 17fl | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    From the official thread
  16. Birmingham Name A Street Competition

    The Lunar Society What are your suggestions? I'm seriously trying to come up with one, but struggling as they already exist. Jasper Carrot Gardens?
  17. Official Birmingham Development Thread 30! ‎

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Woody, can you pin this please. New thread and some new news. Planning app gone in for beach in Chamberlain Square.
  18. Birmingham Restaurant Guide

    The Lunar Society
    I've always wanted to have people's views on restaurants in Birmingham (inc Midlands). Rate the restaurant you visited. Give the name and location. We might even find some hidden gems in the City. Things to include: Date Atmosphere Time to be seated Time between courses Service Food...
  19. BIRMINGHAM | City Library | Com

    DN Archives
    Birmingham city council has unveiled its new City Library designed by Mecanoo architects of the Netherlands. From the BBC. New £193m library design revealed The library would be partly integrated with the Rep Designs for a £193m library for Birmingham have been unveiled. The...
  20. Drayton Manor Park Hotel & Conference Centre

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Plans submitted for hotel at Drayton Manor Park Feb 6 2009 by justine halifax, Birmingham Mail EXCITING new plans to create a luxury hotel at a theme park have been submitted to council planners. The 150-bedroom hotel at Drayton Manor Park, near Tamworth, will be created to meet the demand...