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  1. Official Birmingham Development Thread 29!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    New Year, new thread. (Woody can you lock the previous thread please) Brief summary and this doesn't include everything going on. Under Construction Snow Hill Cube Langley Point Etna Calthorpe House Park Central Birmingham SuperHospital Newhall Square Ramada Encore...
  2. Midland Metropolitan University Hospital | Grove Lane | Smethwick | U/C

    Birmingham Construction Forum
  3. Official Birmingham Development Thread 28!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Time for a new thread. originally posted by Feltip :) After the images of the new Magistrates' Court and the announcement on new New Street Station seems like as good time for new thread. Brief summary and this doesn't include everything going on :) Under Construction Snow Hill...
  4. ARTS FEST 2008

    The Lunar Society
  5. The John Madin Legacy?

    The Lunar Society
    The undisputed king of postwar Brummie architecture: JOHN MADIN (second in from right) John Madin was born in Moseley, Birmingham, circa 1925. His company, known as John H D Madin & Partners from 1962 and the John Madin Design Group from 1968, were active in Birmingham for over 30 years. He...
  6. The 'All the stuff that can't go in the Official Birmingham Thread' thread

    The Lunar Society
    All local news and tit bits to go in here. Oh this is so going to become my least successful thread to date! :ohno:
  7. 79-84 High Street | Reconfiguration | 4fl | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    Thanks for Feltip for delivering the details. :) Location: 79-84 High Street, Birmingham city centre Architect: 3D Reid Developer: Cushman & Wakefield Progression of the proposal: Started with this news article: And this render: Planning application submitted on July 2nd: Images from the...
  8. Official Birmingham Development Thread 27!

    Birmingham Metro Area
  9. In The Big Picture

    The Lunar Society
    Right, we need 25,000 more images in 5 days. If anyone has any images to submit, please do. Anyone who uses Flickr, just simply batch tag all your images of the region, no matter what they are of, as bigpicture2008 Thank you. :)
  10. Birmingham Skyline, UK

    Urban Showcase
    Some shots taken from my flat in central Birmingham. (digbeth)
  11. Retail Thread

    City Talk
    Might as well start it now seeing as Liverpool One has just opened, the Avenue in Manchester is taking shape, information and renders of the First Street boulevard have just been released, etc, etc. First Street. Movie. The Avenue. Movie...
  12. Official Birmingham Thread 26!

    Birmingham Metro Area
    To crown our posting achievement I present the new thread :) Under Construction 45 Church Street Snow Hill Cube Masshouse No.11 Brindleyplace Calthorpe House Etna House Park Central Latitude Birmingham Super Hospital Rutland House (Refurb) Newhall Square Crowne Plaza...
  13. Birmingham Music Thread

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Upcoming Concerts/Gigs Alicia Keys The NIA 28 Feb 2008 Editors The NIA 29 Feb 2008 Westlife The NEC Arena 12 - 13 Mar 2008 Clubland Live The NIA 13 Mar 2008 X-Factor Live The NEC Arena 18 - 19 Mar 2008 Daniel O'Donnell Spring Tour 2008 The NIA 8 Apr 2008 The Beach Boys The NIA 11...
  14. BIRMINGHAM | Projects & Construction

    City/Metro Compilations
    Birmingham is the second city of the United Kingdom. It is located in the west midlands and has a population just over one million. Now recently Birmingham has been under going major changes to make it a more attractive place, for people who live there and for the people who are visiting...
  15. Beorma Quarter | Park Street | Hotel/Retail | 10fl | 34m | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    News release 13.12.07 Digbeth – the new Birmingham City A major Kuwaiti international property company, Salhia Investments, together with established UK property developers are proposing an exciting city-centre project that will enhance Birmingham’s reputation as a world class city. Digbeth...
  16. Cincinnati Factory | Kingsbury Road | Erdington | Residential | Demo/New Build | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    I have been a long time lurker on this site and have finally got round to registering. So, can anyone help? I drove past the Cincinnati-Lamb factory on the Kingsbury Road and there is a sign saying it’s been acquired by Urban Splash. Does anybody know the answer to two things: 1: Do they...
  17. Your city's latest highrise proposals

    City Talk
    Seeing as there is no thread for cities to show off their latest proposals in skyscrapers, I thought we should get one started. Basically, don't post anything that has been known about for a year or whatever unless that really is the latest highrise proposal. :| No doubt you've heard about...
  18. Birmingham - The Second City Of The United Kingdom

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    So on sunday I went to Birmingham and I have to say that I found myself impressed by it.Really cool city - very fresh modern lively and European (whatever that means) with great modern/old architecture quality public spaces etc. Photos : 1...
  19. The Grand | Colmore Row | Hotel | Restoration | U/C

    Birmingham Construction Forum
    I have been inspired to create this thread by something I spotted in the Birmingham Developments thread. Some bloody mindless vandal has proposed knocking down this achingly beautiful, and historically significant building. What I'd like to know is, why is it its current poor state? Surely...
  20. NEC and Wolverhampton casinos

    Birmingham Metro Area
    ...Of which I know nothing about. Someone update us!!