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  1. The V Building | Suffolk Street Queensway | Residential | 50fl | 152m | Canc.

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Well here we go, Arena Central has a band new look! Arena Square Tower Floors = 50 Height = 147m roof/152m facade overrun Use = Residential Further news... The two pages in which height is told as 147m The floor design of 50th floor, the...
  2. BHX & CVT News....

    Birmingham Metro Area
    Destinations BIRMINGHAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT facts and figs Code – BHX Runway Length – 2255m/7400ft Runway Capacity – 747-400 capable with limited loads Pax figures for 2005 – 9,388,754 (+ 5.8%) DESTINATIONS Austria – Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna Barbados - Barbando Belgium – Brussels...
  3. Masshouse

    Completed Projects
    Seeing as this thread got deleted as well I'll start a new one. I took some pics today from the area but it would make sense to post up some of my older construction pics so that they appear in order. Here's the rendering on the hoardings while I sort out some photo's :uh:
  4. Broad Street Tower | Residential | 38fl | 134m | Canc.

    Birmingham Metro Area
    If its already been mentioned before I apologise! Went into Smiths and had a quick look through EGI! Theres a small article, with a rendering of the proposed 38 storey tower sited on Broad Street! Can't F***ing remember who the developer was! Think it's Richardson or Robertson Crosswell!
  5. Birmingham Development News

    Southeast Development News
    Former Cabana going condo Sunday, June 19, 2005 MICHAEL TOMBERLIN News staff writer Modesto, Calif.-based Leer Corp. plans to invest about $20 million to turn the former Cabana Hotel into 65 condos and commercial space to be known as Leer Tower. The 20-story, 158,000-square-foot building at...
  6. Inglaterra | England

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Southampton - Inglaterra A Inglaterra (em inglês: England) é uma das nações constituintes do Reino Unido. O país faz fronteira com a Escócia ao norte e com o País de Gales a oeste; o Mar da Irlanda está a noroeste, o Mar Celta está a sudoeste, enquanto o Mar do Norte está a leste e o Canal da...
  7. Early SSC photos of Birmingham City Centre

    The Lunar Society
    I've had a bit of a photo session in Brum today, I don't know what half of those buildings are on Woody's list so i just took a pic of every building around five ways. It's gonna take me yonks to upload them (good job I've got nout planned this evening) so bear with's one i do know to...
  8. Birmingham - UK

    Rate Our Skylines
    Birmingham - England Ok, I introduce you to Birmingham, Englnd. Its britains second largest city and currently holds the title of Britains second city. It has a city population of 970,000 with a metro population of just under 3,000,000. It is located in the heart of England with nearly all of...