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  1. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    SİNOP,_Turkey Situated at Turkey’s northernmost point, Sinop was once the city of the legendary Amazon warrior-women. Today it is a major Black Sea port. Sinop is one of the most beautiful natural seaports of the Black Sea Region. It is one of the oldest...
  2. Города
  3. Proposed
    CONSTANTA ARENA Winning proposal for the design competition to provide a concept for a 10,000 spectator multipurpose sport arena with Olympic swimming pool, hotel & underground parking in Constanta, Romania. ...
  4. Proposed Highrises
    CONSTANTA TOWER Developer: CHESTER TRADE Architect: TAGO ARCHITECTS Location : wikimapia
  5. Українські міста та природа
    Іллічівськ Засноване XVIII століття Агломерація Одеська агломерація Населення 63 530 Площа 25 км² Відстань до Одеси 20 км. Іллічівськ — місто в Одеській області, відоме з XVIIIст. як поселення, засноване українцями. Пізніше з'явилися грецькі та німецькі переселенці. Історична назва...
  6. Constanța Metro Area
    ***** MULTIPLE CHOICE POLL ***** Which of the following relevant infrastructure projects will be completed on time ?
  7. Constanța Metro Area
    S-a asternut tacerea de la o vreme peste mult mediatizata anul trecut megainvestitie Voestalpine intr-o otelarie la Constanta. Cum subiectul asta e departe de-a fi mort, mi-am zis sa lansez un poll pana cand mai apar detalii in presa despre planurile pe care Voestalpine le avea/are la Constanta...
  8. Monde
    Bonjour à tous, J’ouvre ce nouveau thread pour vous faire connaître les projets de Constanta. Avant tout, il faut que je vous disse quelques mots sur la ville de Constanta. Premièrement, Contanta = Constanţa = Constantza. Ca veux dire qu'en roumain on écrit Constanţa, mais on prononce...
  9. Constanța Metro Area
    * under construction
  10. Constanța Metro Area
    How do you see Constanta (such as the economy, population, standard of living, densities, transportation, cultural activities etc) in say 10, 20, 30 or even 50/100 years ? And how it compares to other cities of Romania/Europe/World. * cred ca putem folosi romana pe thread-ul asta.
  11. Constanța Metro Area
    EDIT: Voi edita postul asta in timp ! Constanta is situated at the end of three Pan-European transport corridors: Corridor IV Corridor VII Corridor VIII ^^ Transport Corridor VIII to be extended all the way to Constanta and Tulcea
  12. TV and OB-Towers
    Techirghiol TV Tower Constanta, Romania HEIGHT: 146m FLOORS: 3 floors COMPLETION: ? ARCHITECT: ? The Techirghiol TV Tower is a 146-meter[1] high TV tower built of reinforced concrete at Techirghiol, Romania.
  13. Constanța Metro Area
    Previous Threads: Part I Photo Threads: Constanta | Mamaia | Discover Constanta county | The Casino - Constanta, Romania Other Threads: Constanta's ports and shipyards news | Mamaia, Constanta, Romania | CONSTANTA - Nuevo urbanismo y proyectos | CONSTANTA - News urbaines et architecturales...
  14. DN Archives
  15. DN Archives
    MAMAIA BEACH Developer: ESTIA GROUP Architect: SUA KAY ARCHITECTS Location : wikimapia ----
  16. DN Archives
    MAMAIA NORTH Developer: WESTHOUSE GROUP Architect: FORMATION ARCHITECTS Location : wikimapia
  17. DN Archives
    BOGARIS Developer: BOGARIS Architrect: HCP ARQUITECTOS Location : wikimapia
  18. Economy and Tourism
    Tourism, as an industry, has been an important source of economic growth. While in 2006 the country hosted an estimated 6 million foreign tourists, in 2007, that number was increased to 7-8 million. The country has historical cities and towns, summer beaches, and mountain ski resorts. New types...
  19. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    MAMAIA (CONSTANTA, ROMANIA) Mamaia is the largest Romanian resort on the Black Sea coast. It is located about 3 mi (5 km) north of Constanta City on a stretch of land a few miles long that separates Lake Suitghiol from the Black Sea. The climate is mild and the annual average temperature is...
  20. Photography and Videos
    Guys, let's post only quality pictures, not any image that features a beach and a hotel. Elenite Resort: Duni Resort: Sveti Vlas: I am not sure where exactly this on the Bulgarian coast is: More of Duni: