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  1. Photography and Videos
    Здравейте, създавам нова тема, защото не намерих подходяща. Ако някой сметне, че снимките могат да се преместят в друга тема - нека да ги премести. Иначе Иракли е невероятно место. Това е първото ми посещение през лятото на този плаж, но се надявам това често да се случва. Плажът е огромен...
  2. Photography and Videos
    Ето една нова и подредена тема за Балчик. Този град и снимките от там го заслужава :) Предните две, са тук: Темата на bgrs Темата на AnonymvsBeaver
  3. Photography and Videos
    Pomorie (Bulgarian: Поморие) is a town and seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria, located on a narrow rocky peninsula in Burgas Bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is situated in Burgas Province, 20 km away from the city of Burgas and 18 km from the Sunny Beach resort. The...
  4. Photography and Videos
    Село Синеморец отстои югоизточно на 5км. от град Ахтопол и на 85км. от град Бургас. Разположено е върху полуостров южно от устието на река Велека, на мястото на старо тракийско селище . Днешното име на Синеморец е буквален превод от гръцкото “галаза”, което значи небесносиньо” . Sinemorets is...
  5. Photography and Videos
    Ваканционно селище "Елените" Ваканционното селище Елените се намира на южните склонове на Стара планина при срещата ѝ с Черно море, в област Бургас. С него започва и Южното Черноморие. Отдалечено е на 7 км от курорта Слънчев бряг, на 45 км от Бургас (град). Разположено е в живописен залив. В...
  6. Photography and Videos
    делфинчета ; ) :))) римска баня
  7. Photography and Videos
    St.Constantine and Sunny day resort
  8. Photography and Videos
    Here is some photos from Kiten(Zangador club)
  9. Photography and Videos
    St. Vlas I'm going to post some photos my parents took when they were in St. Vlas this summer :cheers: More tomorrow :banana:
  10. Photography and Videos
    This is the Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach which I visited this summer and felt very good there. I will post some selective pictures I took during the vacation in Sunny Beach. More comments later on. :) Some random pics first from the balcony of the hotel I stayed in: What stroke me...
  11. Photography and Videos
    The promised Balchik photos :) The little marina and port of Balchik: Seaside: A view from the roof of the hotel and our hotel room :) Apparently the marina functions as heliport too.. Balchik: A boat trip: The streets of Balchik: The marina: The Botanical...
  12. Photography and Videos
    Sozopol - The peninsula of the old city quarter.
  13. Photography and Videos
    Guys, let's post only quality pictures, not any image that features a beach and a hotel. Elenite Resort: Duni Resort: Sveti Vlas: I am not sure where exactly this on the Bulgarian coast is: More of Duni:
  14. Photography and Videos
    Nessebar, previously known as Mesembria and before that as Menebria, is an ancient city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. In modern times, Nesebar has become a major tourist attraction in what has become a popular area with several large resorts—the largest, Sunny Beach, is situated...
  15. Photography and Videos
    Varna ( Bulgarian: Варна ) is the third largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv, with a population of 351,552(10.01.2006) . It is the capital of Varna Province and an important port in the eastern part of the country, located on the Black Sea coast close to Lake Varna. Varna, the...
  16. Photography and Videos
    Here is my city - Burgas (or Bourgas) Burgas is Bulgaria's 4th largest city with a population of about 260 000. During the summer months it gets much much bigger, though. In June, July and August the city has an incredible atmosphere - there are tons of people downtown in the promenade street...
1-19 of 19 Results