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  2. Northeast and MidAtlantic
    On Memorial Day 2018, I walked the Freedom Trail in Boston in its entirety. Here are pictures of each stop on the trail. In most cases, I have two select pictures from each stop. While I limited pictures strictly to stops on the Freedom Trail, I included two non-stops that are worth stopping...
  3. Proposed Highrises
    Back Bay’s 1000 Boylston Street could start construction in 2018
  4. Northeast and MidAtlantic
    Jeffries Point is a neighborhood in Boston, located across Boston Harbor from Boston's central neighborhoods. The neighborhood is bordered on land by Boston Logan International Airport to the east/northeast, Massachusetts Route 1A to the north, and Chelsea Street & Maverick Square to the west...
  5. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is for MBTA Commuter Rail in Eastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island , and down the road New Hampshire.. For Non commuter rail discussion see the threads below Boston - Public Transit > Buses , Light Rail , Streetcar , Trolleybuses , Ferries Rhode Island - Public Transit > Buses...
  6. General Urban Developments
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another condo tower could spring up in downtown area
  7. General Urban Developments
    Another Glassy Boston Tower: 250-Footer For the Seaport
  8. DN Archives
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously as The Point The Point 1395 Boylston, Boston, MA, United States 111.86m / 30fl / Residential / Proposed / 2015-2017...
  9. General Urban Developments
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BJ’s may be headed to Roxbury
  10. Proposed Highrises
    Boston Properties which owns the John Hancock Center, the city's tallest tower, plans to redevelop a nearby transit station and surmount it with two towers one of which will be "a skyscraper" that could "significantly alter the city's skyline"...
  11. Zagranica
    Spis Treści: Sezon 1 - Kwiecień 2014 czyli USA po raz pierwszy Rozdział I - New York City: New York City NYC - Times Square NYC - Brooklyn cz.1 ______ NYC - Brooklyn dzień 2 NYC - Empire State Building NYC - MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) NYC - Central Park NYC - Guggenheim Museum ______ NYC...
  12. Northeast and MidAtlantic
    Historic Boston *Gallery* A place to share historical photos of Boston. Boston, Massachusetts. State Street by Boston Public Library, on Flickr State St. 1885-1890
  13. Northeast and MidAtlantic Development News
    Suburban Boston Development News Project news and information from Boston's suburbs.
  14. DN Archives
    IMG_7477 by kz1000ps, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mayor Menino Announces 45 Stuart St Approved by BRA Board
  15. Urban Showcase
    Here are some pictures during my visit in Boston in early April:
  16. North and South America
    28 State Street Boston, United States HEIGHT: 152m/507feet FLOORS: 40fl COMPLETION: 1970 ARCHITECT: ?
  17. North and South America
    One Beacon Street Boston, United States HEIGHT: 154m/517feet FLOORS: 37fl COMPLETION: 1973 ARCHITECT: skidmore owings merrill
1-19 of 67 Results