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  1. Boston: Kenmore Square

    Northeast and MidAtlantic
    Kenmore Square is a neighborhood in Boston near the Charles River. The neighborhood is west of the Back Bay neighborhood and the Fens parkland. Kenmore Square was originally called "Governor Square", after the plan to place the Governor's mansion in the neighborhood. Upscale rowhouses like...
  2. The Boston *Gallery*

    Northeast and MidAtlantic
    Map of Boston's nabes Courtesy of thomasglobal
  3. Washington, New York, Boston? Or Philadelphia included with those 3 cities?

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    All the time I here people say that Philadelphia is a big, important city, yet everyone says the "main" and most important cities of the corridor are DC, New York and Boston. I'm confused. Is Philadelphia one of the main cities of the corridor or is it like Baltimore, Hartford and Providence?
  4. BOSTON | One Franklin Street | 151m | 495ft | 38fl | Demo

    DN Archives
    Mike/617, SSP Project Summary Height: 151m / 495ft Floors: 38 Use: Mixed Use Development Latest Construction Update: Courtesy SSP
  5. BOSTON | The Pinnacle Central Wharf | 183m | 600ft | fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    A prominent developer's excursion into the teeth of NIMBY Hell has finally ended with the City of Boston reducing all hope to a single 600 foot tower [most likely] surmounting the Aquarium Garage. A new developer may step in to try running up this hill or the whole thing could sink below the...
  6. BOSTON | One Congress Street - Bulfinch Crossing | 161m | 528ft | 43 fl | Pro | 158m | 519ft | 45 fl | T/O

    Office tower Residential tower ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This proposed redevelopment of a huge parking garage has had many odd twists and turns but...
  7. BOSTON - TD Garden (18,624)

    NHL 6x Champion: 1929, 1939, 1941, 1970, 1972, 2011 NBA 17x Champion (record): 1957, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1974, 1976, 1981, 1984, 1986, 2008 Capacity: 18,624 (basketball) 17,565 (hockey) 19,580 (maximum)
  8. FOXBOROUGH - Gillette Stadium (68,756)

    NFL New England Patriots 4x Champions: 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2015 Gillette Stadium Tiny football players at Gillette Stadium by sdowen, on Flickr Gillette Stadium Foxboro Massachusetts by BlueisCoool, on Flickr Gillette Stadium, Boston by SkylineScenes (Bill Cobb), on Flickr...
  9. BOSTON - Fenway Park (37,499)

    MLB Boston Red Sox 9x Champion: 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, 2007, 2013, 2018[email protected]/1951758127/
  10. USA | New York & Boston

    Architettura, urbanistica, infrastrutture
    Approfittando del doppio ponte 25 Aprile - 1 Maggio, come molti altri italiani che hanno invaso la grande mela, sono andato a New York e Boston per una decina (scarsa) di giorni. Tempo non sempre dei migliori, ma viste le previsioni è andata quasi bene... Per chi ne ha voglia, vi posto un po' di...
  11. BOSTON | Copley Place | 191m | 625ft | 52 fl | Vision

    DN Archives
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lofty aspirations at Copley Place 47-story tower would be the tallest residential building in Boston By Thomas C. Palmer Jr. Globe Staff /...
  12. BOSTON | Projects & Construction

    City/Metro Compilations
    Boston Projects & Construction Boston Skyline (Legoland?) by Nietnagel, on Flickr Some recent projects in various stages of development: Millennium Tower | 45 fl | 600ft | 170m | Pro South Station Tower | 49 Flrs | 690 Ft | 210m | On Hold pending transportation projects Downtown Crossing...
  13. BOSTON | Radian Boston - 120 Kingston | 106m | 338ft | 29 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Architects Chia-Ming Sze Architect, Inc Name: 120 Kingston St Project Description: The Proponent proposes to redevelop the Auchmuty Building to...
  14. BOSTON | South Station Tower | 206m | 677ft | 51 fl | U/C

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ South Station Tower Boston, MA Previous scheme The South Station development will consist of the completion of the South Station Transportation Center...
  15. US Northeastern Airports | US

    Can anybody ask me why PHL INTL Airport isn't truly international?????? I understand the reason why they call it an international airport is because of the fact that it handles cargo overseas. But compared to NYC, Boston, DC, Chicago, LA, SF, and of all places, ATLANTA (no offense to Atlanta)...
  16. USA | Boston

    Reportage dall'estero e focusbar
    Vorrei aprire un 3d sulla mia adorata Boston.....
  17. BOSTON | Winthrop Center | 211m | 691ft | 48 fl | U/C

    With the demise of the 115 Federal scheme, a new push is underway to redevelop the garage at Winthrop Square which was a part of the 115 Federal plan. Under new guidelines, development will be restricted to 725 ft. tall towers, the original supertall proposal having run into a buzzsaw of...
  18. World's Best Classic Skyscrapers

    My favorite skyscrapers are ones from the early 1900's. New York has the best collection of them by far. Chicago has a few. However, can you post photos of such buildings (of at least 30 stories) from your city? Here are some of my favorites in NY: 40 Wall Street The Municipal Building...
  19. Boston, Estados Unidos

    Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
    EN OBRAS! Hola a todos. Finalmente, tengo tiempo para ensenaros la preciosa ciudad de Boston, cerca donde he pasado 4 anyos estudiando en la universidad. La ciudad de Boston, en la Region de Nueva Inglaterra, es una de las ciudades mas "europeizadas" de los EEUU. Podemos verlo en el casco...
  20. BOSTON | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    boston subway How is the boston subway system differs from the new york subway in terms of fare control,signalling,train cars ans etc?