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  1. General Discussion
    🔨🚧 Ongoing Ijebu Ode - Epe Road Construction in HD #ogun #omotolailori #hilsquad #Epeijebuoderoad
  2. The World Trade Center
    This place is for showing photos and videos and for discussing the walkways that were connected to the original complex
  3. Manhattan
    the JDS-SHoP combo strikes again... The Lo-Down : (Exclusive) JDS Development/SHoP Reveal Plans For 77-Story Two Bridges Tower renderings:
  4. New Jersey
    This thread is for information , news & photos of the various crossings of the Passaic River. Starting from the Dundee Dam in Clifton & Garfield to the Port of Newark... Dundee Dam Historic Dundee Dam on the Passaic River, New Jersey by jag9889, on Flickr Passaic Street Bridge BRIDGE...
  5. Dar es Salaam
    Changes are coming with a bang
  6. Las Islas del Caribe | Islands of the Caribbean
    El propósito de este hilo es mostrar los puentes más interesantes bien por sus historias, diseño, etc; en las Antillas mayores y menores también. ------------------------ The purpose of this thread is to show the more interesting bridges in the Caribbean due to their history, design, etc.; in...
  7. Jamaica
    This thread will focus on news and infrastructure relating to general roads and bridges in Jamaica.
  8. Infraštruktúra
    Dovolím si založiť nové vlákno o cestej infraštruktúre okresu Košice-okolie. V poslednom začali totiž vo veľkom pribúdať územné plány menších obcí, ktoré majú zapracované zaujímavé myšlienky na rozvoj ciest nižšej kategórie v regióne s napojením na nadradenú infraštruktúru (cesty I. triedy +...
  9. Bridges
    Dragon Bridge :D
  10. Bridges
    France has many many bridges. Here is a small selection of the most beautiful / famous or just the one I like. Feel free to help me. First, the Pont Saint-Bénezet also known as the Pont d'Avignon. It is one of the most famous French bridge (at least for the French). It was built around 1170...
  11. Bridges
    Pivdennyi Bridge in Kyiv Total length: 1,256 m (4,121 ft) Height: 135 m (443 ft) Width: 41 m (135 ft) The Pivdennyi (Southern) Bridge was built in 1990.
  12. Інфраструктура і транспарт
    Будаўніцтва новага маста праз раку Бярэзіну ў горадзе Бярэзань (шаша Магілёў-Менск)
  13. General Photography
    :banana2:Welcome!:bowtie::bowtie: I'm going to share with you pics from different bridges around world. All of you can contribute with this thread. But, pay attention: is better to put pics listing each one. And pics size until 1024, please! If possible, write a short comment about selected...
  14. Sarajevo
    Ajfelov most Ajfelov most ili željezni Skenderija most je jedan od mostova preko rijeke Miljacke u Sarajevu. Nalazi se u blizini sarajevske Skenderije. Prvobitni most izgrađen u XV stoljeću po nalogu Skender-paše, da bi povezivao grđevine njegove zadužbine na obalama Miljacke. 1893. godine...
  15. Railways
    While I was travelling to school today, I noticed that there was a location at which 3 rail tracks were positioned above each other. Basically, there originally was one bridge, but for another line, they just made a bigger bridge and put it above the already existing bridge. I was wondering how...
  16. General Photography
    Credit: Ian Harrison. Image url webpage url. Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam.
  17. Urban Showcase
    Photographs from mainly East Quayside in Newcastle: Hope everyone enjoys the photographs!
  18. Bridges
    Corda 17 Most Dangerous World's pontes suspensas [IMG] [/ IMG] [URL = " "]
  19. Bridges
    Bridge Construction Cams Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - Dallas, TX San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge Amelia Earhart Memorial Bridge - Atchison, KS John James Audubon Bridge, Louisiana Galena Creek Bridges (I-580), Nevada New Mississippi River Bridge (I-70) - St. Louis, MO Hoover Dam...
1-19 of 41 Results