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  1. Carindale suburb (old belmont)

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    Hi everyone. Newbie here and i'm into the history of my suburb (carindale). I am not entirely sure if I am in the correct area so please forgive me if I am not. I am after some idea on the Carindale residential area (formerly Belmont) which was created in around 1990/1991. More specifically if...
  2. Brisbane Skytower | BRISBANE | 269m | 90 fl

    Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Brisbane Skytower Brisbane, Australia 269.4m/885ft 90 floors NRA Collaborative Residential 2019 by flipst3r
  3. Greater Brisbane Housing Survey (Complete the survey and enter the draw to win vouchers)

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    Hi everyone. We are conducting a housing survey, based on people's aspirations and the attributes that they value the most. We included life circumstances, Social needs, Dwelling needs, financial needs etc. I will be conducting a random draw for five Woolworth vouchers worth $20 each (the...
  4. Luggage Point Cruise Terminal

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    Duplicate Apologies for that
  5. Brisbane Cultural Events & Developments

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    Welcome!!! This thread will be for news and discussions related to Brisbane City cultural development. Whether that be for new festivals, theatre, art, or the unveiling of monuments and memorials.
  6. Brisbane Ideas

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    Please post your ideas to better Brisbane in this thread, thankyou.
  7. Projects and Discussions | Stadiums of WA

    Western Australia
    QUICK FACTS - The new Perth Stadium will be open for the 2018 AFL season. - A multi-purpose venue capable of hosting AFL, rugby, football (soccer), cricket and entertainment events. - Initial 60,000 seat capacity. - A ‘fans first’ approach to design and technology. - An integrated public...
  8. WA | Completed | PERTH | Crown Towers [105m | Hotel ]

    QUICK FACTS HEIGHT: 105m/27st GFA: Unknown HOTEL ROOMS: 500 ARCHITECT: Hassell DEVELOPER: Crown Limited COST: $568m CONTRACTOR: Brookfield Multiplex RENDERS
  9. BRISBANE | The Milton Residences | 103m | 30 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Video render
  10. BRISBANE | 480 Queen Street | 153m | 33 fl | Com

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    Office tower
  11. General Discussion Thread

    Western Australia
    Jan asked us to delete the old one due to it containing googles definition of objectionable material. This will be the new spam thread.
  12. Brisbane Square | BRISBANE | 151m | 36fl

    Asia and Australia
    Brisbane Square Brisbane, Australia HEIGHT: 151m/507feet FLOORS: 36fl COMPLETION: 2006 ARCHITECT: Denton Corker Marshall
  13. The Reopening of Brisbane's City Hall

    City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    This past weekend marked the rededication and reopening of Brisbane's City Hall. The only City Hall of any capital city in the country, the iconic building had been closed since January 2010 to undergo much needed restoration work – the building had been plagued by crumbling structural concrete...
  14. BRISBANE | Madison Heights | 115m | 30 fl | Com

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    Residential / U/C
  15. BRISBANE | 103 Mary Street | 102m | 32 fl | Com

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    Residential / U/C
  16. BRISBANE | 180 Brisbane | 152m | 34 fl | Com

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    Approved / Office
  17. 111 Eagle Street | BRISBANE | 195m | 50fl

    Asia and Australia
    111 Eagle Street Brisbane, Australia HEIGHT: 195m/650feet FLOORS: 50 floors COMPLETION: 2012 ARCHITECT: ? DSCN4892 by Nathan Murray, on Flickr DSCN4897 by Nathan Murray, on Flickr DSCN4920 by Nathan Murray, on Flickr
  18. Australian regional airports | AU

    Original Post By Homeroids: Airport Master Plan: Images by Chrisaus: International Terminal Departures Extention I wish this would happen sooner than later. It would be a great airport once the International and Domestic terminals...
  19. [Australia] w naszym obiektywie

    Witamy wszystkich ponownie. Chcielibyśmy (Ja i mój Mąż:)) podzielić się z Wami zdjęciami z naszej drugiej już dużej wyprawy (relację z pierwszej możecie znaleźć tutaj: ), tym razem udało się nam dotrzeć do innej części świata - Australii...
  20. BRISBANE: Australia's New World City

    Urban Showcase
    Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia with more than 2 million residing within the Greater Metropolitian Area. The Brisbane City Council area is home to half of that population. It is named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, the Governor of New South Wales from 1821-1825 Brisbane is located...