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  1. BRISBANE: General public transport thread

    Part 1 ----------------------------------------------------------- New cashless buses heavily guarded Brisbane Times, April 17, 2010
  2. BRISBANE 2010

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Brisbane is transforming into a brillaint metropolis at a very rapid pace. This thread will hopefully show the change in the skyline, as towers continue to skyrocket out of the downtown area and surrounding inner city areas. ENJOYYYY...
  3. #UC: Brisbane Quarter - 300 George Street - 82st/264m, 42st/182m & 35st/127m / Mixed

    The new Supreme/District Court building will be ready next year. That means that the existing building which comprises an entire city block on the river, will be up for re-development. What do people want? Retain as a public asset and build a piece of great infrastructure, or sell to a...
  4. Brisbane: River City Blueprint

    Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    Another plan for Brisbane perhaps, a little vague at the moment though. The article has some nice aerial images of the CBD on top of the world New plans for new Brisbane CBD Brisbane Times, December 17, 2009 - 2:16PM...
  5. Blue Story Bridge

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  6. Best Aussie Skylines

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  7. Brisbane CBD Districts

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  8. Brisbane + Gold Coast "Super City"

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  9. Luxury Brand Developments in Brisbane CBD

    Everything else
    I was wondering if there would be any more luxury brands heading to the Edward Street Scene. Why aren't top brands recognising this city changing into a world city and bringing their stores here. I would love to see Armani and Gucci here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Projects & Discussions | Perth Waterfront | Urban Renewal

    Western Australia
    Old Thread: Plan A (Allanah) Plan B (Barnett) Old Plans Some old (2004) brochure... -------------------- Bart, I have completely changed my view on tall towers right on the river after an extended pondering...
  11. Population Statistics Thread

    News & Weather Channel
    Top 20 Largest Cities (ABS 2008) 1. Sydney, New South Wales (Pop: 4,399,722) 2. Melbourne, Victoria (Pop: 3,892,419) 3. Brisbane, Queensland (Pop: 1,945,639) 4. Perth, Western Australia (Pop: 1,602,559) 5. Adelaide, South Australia (Pop: 1,172,105) 6. Gold Coast-Tweed, QLD/NSW (Pop: 558,888) 7...
  12. BRISBANE | Infinity Tower | 249m | 81 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    A new tower proposed on the north-western side of the CBD in Brisbane by the developer Meriton. It is 73 stories 414 apartments 248 carparks in 10 basement floors (this is going to have a massive hole) It is mixed use with over 10,000 m2 of office space And it looks a little something like...
  13. Projects & Discussions | Inner City Development

    Western Australia
    ^^ The Elder Street carpark should have apartments on top. Demolishing a 2 level carpark to build a 4 level carpark is absurd. Jan Gehl would be crying into his report.
  14. BRISBANE - Australia

    Urban Showcase
    These are from the start of March when I had just moved to the city for the first time for university so I went into the city for a walk about. The last few are from the day after. A few are from a popular lookout to the west of the city. You might remember one of the shots being a banner a few...
  15. Projects & Discussions | Perth City Link | Urban Renewal

    Western Australia
    Old there can be found here:
  16. Shopping Centres

    Everything else
    I had the chance to visit Centro Toombul in Brisbane as it was near my accomodation. I noticed the cinema area and food courts were empty, but I was not aware of the extent of the problems that it has. I didnt know the cinemas had been closed for years. Even with Chermside nearby, was there...
  17. Houghton Highway Bridge Duplication (Brisbane)

    Houghton Highway Duplication (Brisbane) - Ted Smout Bridge This project, also in Brisbane, rivals the Gateway Bridge. The bridge crossing is 2.7 km, the longest in Australia and one of the longest in the Southern Hemisphere (the others are in Argentina and Brazil). The new bridge grows up to...
  18. Brisbane and Gold Coast aerials

    Urban Showcase
    I took these aerials of Brisbane and the Gold Coast from Qantas flight QF502 on November 21 on it's descent to Brisbane Airport after flying from Sydney. Gold Coast Southport The sprawl of Brisbane & Moreton Bay Cleveland Manly Brisbane skyline Port of Brisbane...
  19. Fabs SE Queensland: Brisbane & Gold Coast aerials

    City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Brisbane an Overview Streets of Brisbane Redcliffe Coolangatta Q1 Visit Surfers Paradise For Sydney aerials from the same flight - Fabs Sydney: Above the city I took these from Qantas flight QF502 on November 21 on it's descent to Brisbane Airport. Southport The sprawl of...
  20. Fabs SE Queensland: Brisbane an Overview

    City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Was in town recently and snapped these.... Also visited the Gold and Sunshine Coasts along with Ipswich. Some of the best steaks can be found at Breakfast Creek. Even the Steak Rolls are nothing like it... Didn't have tickets to Andre Rieu but...