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  1. Mundo Afora
    Olá pessoal, Vez de compartilhar minhas fotos de duas cidades da Bélgica. Bruges, uma cidade pequena, do interior, mas muito famosa pelos seus canais. Apelidada de Veneza do Oeste. algo assim. E Bruxelas, capital da Bélgica, e tem uma mistura de uma parte moderna e outra mais antiga. As fotos...
  2. Travels Abroad
    For many people, Belgium is just an overpopulated, polluted and boring place between Germany and France where the EU is headquartered. If you think that way too, I hope this thread will prove you wrong :) This trip-report covers 3 months-worth of trips throughout Belgium, a place I knew little...
  3. Urban Showcase
    There were not too many comments on my photos from Antwerp but let me give you a second chance:P Bruges (Brugge) - the capital of West Flanders and one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium Belfort (Belfry) - view from hotel window Lindemans Lambic beer Belgium is a kingdom of beer -...
  4. Urban Showcase
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  5. Fotoforum
    Vorige zondag wilden we eens lekker uitwaaien op de Brugse vesten en daar ook enkele a-typische fotootjes nemen. Daar aangekomen zette Koning Winter alle zeilen bij om ons op andere gedachten te brengen. Dan maar de beschutting van het stadscentrum opgezocht, onze verkleumde handen verwarmd aan...
  6. Urban Showcase
    Most of the pics are in black/white, because the weather sucked. I hope you'll still enjoy them though Location in Belgium Belfry and Market Square The Begijnhofm, still used to house nuns Some other pics (in no particular order) In the background you can...
1-6 of 6 Results