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  1. Дніпро / Dnipro
    ДЕЛОВОЙ КОМПЛЕКС ПО ПР. КИРОВА В составе комплекса: офисные помещения, конференц-зал, фитнес-центр, фуд-корт, ресторан, отделение банка, паркинг на 100 автомобилей. Этажность 4-8-14. Общая площадь 25 080 м2...
  2. Львів / Lviv
    Finally, I can announce a few projects planned for Lviv. The City Planning committee has yet to completely approve these projects, they're currently discussing them. For background or additional information about these projects, you're welcome to ask me. Sorry for the large renderings, I...
1-2 of 2 Results