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buenos aires argentina

  1. Industrial Ages
    Manzana de las Luces On the Manzana de las Luces, one of the oldest blocks on the city, straight from the Historical District:
  2. Modern Times
    Paz Palace / Military Circle: Buenos Aires had one of the biggest repertoires of Single-Family palaces in the world. Probably, the most important one is the Paz Palace, bought decades ago by the Argentine Army, being the Military circle today. The palace was the residence of José C. Paz, who...
  3. Classic Architecture
    Called the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires has one of the largest collections of french architecture in the world outside France. This thread is a brief of all those buildings, starting with the Recoleta neighborhood:
  4. Modern Times
    The University of Engineering in Buenos Aires, Argentina:
  5. North and South America
    The Bank Boston tower in Buenos Aires, made by César Pelli:
  6. Public Space
    A wide look at the Bosques de Palermo and other big parks of the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina:
  7. Modern Times
    The brutalist University of Architecture of Buenos Aires ("Ciudad Universitaria, FADU UBA"):
  8. Industrial Ages
    University of Law | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  9. Industrial Ages
    LOS MOLINOS BUILDING: FAENA ARTS CENTER There's only 2 buildings that survived from the old original Puerto Madero: the silo and the Molinos Building, bought and refunctionalized by the millionaire Alan Faena. These pictures show how the new-rich people of the neighborhood live, a bit...
  10. Industrial Ages
    Several examples of old architecture in the Diagonal Norte (also known as Roque Sáenz Peña Avenue) in Buenos Aires, Argentina:
  11. Classic Architecture
    This thread is dedicated to the oldest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Those include Microcentro (Montserrat and San Nicolás), Recoleta, San Telmo, and other neighborhood with very old and rich architecture. Starting with the video of the Microcentro:
  12. Industrial Ages
    Librería el Ateneo Grand Splendid | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  13. Industrial Ages
    Bencich Palace | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  14. Industrial Ages
    Legislature of Buenos Aires | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. Modern Times
    Hilton Hotel Buenos Aires | Buenos Aires, Argentina (edit)
  16. Industrial Ages
    Galerías Pacífico (Pacific Galleries) | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  17. Industrial Ages
    Mercado de Abasto (Market) | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  18. Urban Renewal and Redevelopment
    PUERTO MADERO - BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA What made Buenos Aires so important since the foundation of the city was the port. The Rio de la Plata was always one of the most relevant commercial points of the south of the continent. Due to the low depth of the river, the ships arrived at an...
  19. Ciudades y Urbanismo
    Buenos Aires Un recorrido de los espacios emblemáticos de la capital argentina Escudo de la ciudad Mapa de los barrios porteños Buenos Aires posee una red de parques y plazas que dejan en evidencia la grandeza con la que fue levantada a un ritmo vertiginoso a partir de finales del...
  20. TV and OB-Towers
    Interama Tower Buenos Aires, Argentina HEIGHT: 208 m FLOORS: 3 floors COMPLETION: 1981 ARCHITECT: Richard Battaglia Torre de Interama por volvidejapon, en Flickr La estrella del Sur por Agustín Faggiano, en Flickr Recuerdos del futuro por Carlos/Desde 0, en Flickr Torre Interama por...