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  1. Photo Forum / 사진과 풍경
    While attending a university in Busan, I take pictures as a hobby. 1. Busan Harbor 2. Nampo-dong 3. Haeundae Beach 4. Gwangandaegyo Bridge & Marine City 5. Centum City 7. Marine City 8. View from dormitory(Geumjeong-gu) by me
  2. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Haeundae LCT The Sharp Complex Busan, South Korea Height: 411.6m (tallest) Floors: 101 (tallest) Function: residential, hotel Architect: Samoo Architects & Engineers; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Completed: 2019
  3. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    World Business Center Busan, South Korea 265m/869ft tallest 51 floors tallest Residential WonWoo Architects & Engineers Co. Ltd. 2011 photos from CTBUH
  4. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Busan International Fianance Center Landmark Tower Busan, South Korea 289m/948ft 63 floors HUAD Office 2014 photo from CTBUH
  5. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Haeundae I Park Marina Busan, South Korea Tallest 292m/962ft Tallest 72 floors Studio Daniel Libeskind Residential, Hotel 2011 Haeundae by Jens-Olaf Walter, on Flickr
  6. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Doosan Haeundae We've the Zenith Tower A Busan, South Korea Height: 300m/984ft Floors: 80 Function: Residential Architect: DeStefano + Partners Completed: 2011 photos from CTBUH
  7. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is about public transport in Busan, South Korea. Subway map from
  8. DN Archives
    Centum Sky Biz (센텀 스카이비즈) 1208-2 Jaesong 1-dong Haeundae, Busan New skyscraper under construction in Busan, a mix of offices and apartments in the top. To be completed in 2017. April:
  9. General Urban Developments
    부산외국어대학교 Busan University of Foreign Studies Пусанский университет иностранных языков Пусанський університет іноземних мов Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) is a one of the best universities in the field of foreign languages in the Republic of Korea. It located in Nam-gu (district)...
  10. Asia and Australia
    Lotte Hotel Busan, South Korea HEIGHT: 173m/577 feet FLOORS: 43floors COMPLETION: 1995 ARCHITECT: ?
  11. Asia and Australia
    SK Hub Sky Busan, South Korea HEIGHT: 182m/660 feet FLOORS: 49floors COMPLETION: 2006 ARCHITECT: ...
  12. Asia and Australia
    Centum Leadersmark Busan, South Korea HEIGHT: 200m/656 feet FLOORS: 46 floors COMPLETION: 2008 ARCHITECT: ?
  13. Asia and Australia
    Centum Fiesta Towers Busan, South Korea HEIGHT: 210m/689 feet FLOORS: 65 floors COMPLETION: 2008 ARCHITECT: ?
  14. Infraestructuras | Resto del mundo
    ~한국 철도~ Ferrocarriles en Corea del Sur Pues eso.
  15. Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
  16. Completed
    Busan I'Park FC 4x Champion: 1984, 1987, 1991, 1997 1x Cup Winner: 2004 3x League Cup: 1997, 1997, 1998 1x AFC Champions League : 1986.
  17. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Pics from Flickr by JS's favorite things pics from DC
  18. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Coreia do Sul, oficialmente República da Coreia (também conhecida somente como Coreia) (em coreano: 대한민국;大韓民國; transl.: Daehan Minguk), é um país da Ásia Oriental, localizado na parte sul da Península da Coreia. Sua única fronteira terrestre é com a Coreia do Norte, com a qual formou apenas um...
1-18 of 22 Results