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  1. Zagranica
    Wreszcie znalazłem trochę czasu żeby założyć wątek o tegorocznej wyprawie do Australii - trochę już od mojego powrotu minęło, ale trzeba było pozałatwiać różne sprawy, nie miałem głowy do ogarnięcia ogromu zdjęć jaki zwiozłem z wycieczki ;) Zobaczymy jak pójdzie z wątkiem, możliwe są dłuższe...
  2. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Part II Reminder - Please remember to post the source! ----------------------------------- Picture time :) Sydney Perth
  3. News & Weather Channel
    Top 20 Largest Cities (ABS 2008) 1. Sydney, New South Wales (Pop: 4,399,722) 2. Melbourne, Victoria (Pop: 3,892,419) 3. Brisbane, Queensland (Pop: 1,945,639) 4. Perth, Western Australia (Pop: 1,602,559) 5. Adelaide, South Australia (Pop: 1,172,105) 6. Gold Coast-Tweed, QLD/NSW (Pop: 558,888) 7...
  4. Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    Cairns Boom Rundown Things have got a bit quiet in Cairns in terms of highrises given the current economic conditions and some large projects have just been completed. I think the boom is about to begin again though but it will be smaller than the last. Remember - there is a 48m height limit...
  5. Regional Queensland
    Florian Apartments Corner Lake & Florence Streets Drawings: Full Size: Plans:
  6. Regional Queensland
    20-24 Sheridan Street Cairns The Site: Drawings: Full Size: Plans: From 20/20 report (The old proposal):
  7. City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Some night photos from over the past months around Cairns All panoramas are in thumbnail but click on them and a larger one opens in a new window. I'll start off with the centrepiece of the CBD, the lagoon & esplanade: The same photo cropped with no sign and swimmers: Panorama...
  8. Regional Queensland
    Essence The essence of Cairns The name says it all ... Essence is at the heart of the Cairns lifestyle. Enjoy a short stroll down the esplanade and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the essence of cosmopolitan living – the finest restaurants, boutique shopping and vibrant nightlife. The...
  9. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Austrália é um país do hemisfério sul, localizado na Oceania, que compreende a menor área continental do mundo, a ilha da Tasmânia e várias ilhas adjacentes nos oceanos Índico e Pacífico. O continente-ilha, como a Austrália por vezes é chamada, é banhado pelo oceano Índico, ao sul, e a oeste...
1-9 of 9 Results