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  1. Calicut
    I am looking if someone can through some insights on good schools in Calicut area where a Middle and high school kids can continue their schooling after returning from USA. They don't know hindi or Malayalam now. So looking if there any schools that allow other languages to continue their...
  2. Subways and Urban Transport
    CALICUT, INDIA PhaseI -Active Length :14.2 kms No of stations: 15 Depot: Medical College Reach: Medical College to Meenchanda Proposed Phase II Total kms: 16km Meenchanda to Ramanattukara 10kms Interchange at Meenchanda Parallel stretch : Malaparamba to Mananchira (6km) Proposed Phase III...
  3. Calicut
    :cheers: This thread is to showcase the hotels, restaurants and resorts in Calicut. :cheers:
  4. General Photography
    Hi, I have visited Southern India again (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and indulged in taking pictures, of course. Pictures of my previous trip can be found here. Enjoy! :)
1-4 of 6 Results