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  1. Highrises
  2. Highrises U/c at Figueroa and Pico in DTLA is the 42 story Moxy Hotel. by pwright2007, on Flickr
  3. San Francisco

    San Francisco is one of the most prominent cities in California, especially as the economic and social hub for Northern California. Along with Oakland and San Jose, San Francisco is part of the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, housing over seven million individuals in the metropolis. This...
  4. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Onni's Olympic + Hill Development Headed to City Planning Commission
  5. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Here's Another Look at the 53-Story Tower Planned Near Pershing Square
  6. The West Side
    Santa Monica is a city on the Pacific Ocean, about 16 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles. Downtown Santa Monica was laid out in 1875, after the Los Angeles & Independence Railroad went to a wharf at the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles. Santa Monica boomed beginning in the 1920s, when the use of...
  7. San Francisco Bay Area
    Hello everyone. I delighted myself in San Francisco last week. It was a phenomenal one for sure. It was my first time in California and couldn't have asked for more. I always knew San Francisco was an important city, and through some pictures, I was able to understand what it would look...
  8. West Coast and Interior West Development News
    Bosa digging for 2nd tower
  9. West Coast and Interior West Development News
    City Council OKs $400M Ritz-Carlton project San Diego Union-Tribune Cisterra Development: 7th & Market
  10. Projects
    DTLA's Upcoming Cambria Hotel
  11. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is for Southern California commuter rail systems like MetroLinks & Coaster along with the semi-Intercity-commuter rail hybrid Pacific Surfliner.. For the other Southern California public transit systems see below Los Angeles < for Buses , Streetcars , metro and Light Rail in Los...
  12. Projects
    source :
  13. Projects
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  14. San Francisco Bay Area
    San Joaquin Development News Development news for Stockton and surrounding areas. Downtown 035 (Merged) by ToughLoveJoe, on Flickr Stockton news:
  15. DN Archives
    Phase I (left) and a hint of phase II at right. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long Beach's Newest Tower Peeks Above Ground
  16. Zagranica
    Spis Treści: Sezon 1 - Kwiecień 2014 czyli USA po raz pierwszy Rozdział I - New York City: New York City NYC - Times Square NYC - Brooklyn cz.1 ______ NYC - Brooklyn dzień 2 NYC - Empire State Building NYC - MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) NYC - Central Park NYC - Guggenheim Museum ______ NYC...
  17. Transportation-Infrastructure
    This will become the new home for all things governing San Francisco Bay Area Airport and Aviation developments. Note: there is a similar thread governing Bay Area airports here; however, I'm looking at consolidating that thread with this one to make postings and discussions more efficient. San...
  18. West Coast and Interior West Development News
    Hello everyone. I live in chico and have found a lot of interesting development that has been "planned" for quite sometime and wanted to share it all. When the eceonmy is doing well Chico developement grows rapidly. Although the economy is booming it is getting better and you can see this by...
  19. General Urban Developments
  20. Maritime
    Ports of Oakland & San Francisco SF Bay Compression by LifeLover4, on Flickr --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Port of Oakland Cities by the Bay by D.H. Parks, on Flickr The Port of Oakland is a major...
1-20 of 53 Results