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  1. ALBANY, the New York Capital

    Urban Showcase
    The city of Albany, New York, the state capital of New York was founded originally as a Dutch settlement called Fort Nassau in 1614 and then a new settlement, Fort Orange was built in 1624. The city was incorporated in 1686, making it the oldest chartered city in the United States. It became the...
  2. Albany, New York Phototour (June 2015)

    Northeast and MidAtlantic
    In June 2015, I paid my first visit to the capital of New York State, Albany. The capital of New York was founded originally as a Dutch settlement called Fort Nassau in 1614 and then a new settlement, Fort Orange was built in 1624. The city was incorporated in 1686, making it the oldest...
  3. CAPITAL IBEROAMERICANA DE LA CULTURA 2015 | Ciudad de Guatemala

    Urbanismo y Arquitectura Metropolitana
    CAPITAL IBEROAMERICANA DE LA CULTURA 2015 Ciudad de Guatemala PROLEGOMENOS GuateEsCultura LINKS: GUATEMALA Capital Iberoamericana de la Cultura 2015 FaceBook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Tumblr Municipalidad de Guatemala
  4. Andhra Pradesh Capital - Amaravati | News, Pics & Discussions

    Andhra Pradesh New Capital | News, Pics & Discussions 15-MAY-2015 DC epaper, article Large size map from the above article
  5. KOŠICE | Projects and Construction Updates XIII

    [Košice] Zoznam vlákien | Thread List: Košice (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈkɔʃɪt͡sɛ] ( listen); Hungarian: Kassa; and other names) is a city in eastern Slovakia. It is situated on the river Hornád at the eastern reaches of the Slovak Ore...
  6. Copenhagen - Capital & largest city in Denmark

    Urban Showcase
    Copenhagen (København) Wiki: Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and its most populous city, with an urban population of 1,213,822 (as of 1 January 2012) and a metropolitan population of 1,950,522 (as of 1 January 2013). Copenhagen is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand and stretches...
  7. BUENOS AIRES - Master Office 3

    AMBA / La Plata
    Hagamos un poco de historia: DICIEMBRE 2010 Anuncio que algo se está preparando en Hornos 330. Lo publico en "Oficinas entre medianeras". ------------------------------------------------------------ EZEBA me contesta: -----------------------------------------------------------------...
  8. MARSEILLE | 2013 European Capital of Culture

    General Urban Developments
    In 2008, Marseille Provence was named European Capital of Culture (ECC) for 2013. The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for a period of one calendar year during which it organizes a series of cultural events. On that occasion, several world-class architects...
  9. BUENOS AIRES - Único Belgrano

    AMBA / La Plata
    Un nuevo proyecto se suma a los que ya están en construcción. Es del Estudio Aisenson. La ubicación es Sucre 4245. Fuente...
  10. Photos of Astana city

    General Photography
    Compilation of interesting photos of Astana city from various Internet sources. Chronicles of a modern capital of Kazakhstan. Best photo and video. Administrative centre: offices of ministries, national companies and holdings; the building of the chambers of the Parliament and the government...
  11. Chennai - Cerebral City

    To some people, this city is a mixture of memories and emotions. To others, it is a city of dreams and hopes, while to some others, it is a beautiful holiday. Chennai is celebrating it's 373rd birthday today, and I thought creating a thread to celebrate what Chennai stands for in the realms of...
  12. Столица

    Дальний Восток
    В этом треде сосредоточены основные региональные институты власти и управления Востока РФ в Хабаровске. Структура региональной власти и управления, новости, развитие, обсуждение. ПОЛПРЕДСТВО ПРЕЗИДЕНТА РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ В ДФО МИНВОСТОКРАЗВИТИЯ РОССИИ ПРЕДСТАВИТЕЛЬСТВО...
  13. BUENOS AIRES - Mirabilia Belgrano

    AMBA / La Plata
    En Belgrano, torre residencial todavia sin nombre. Cuando encuentre más data la subo. La primera info dice que tiene: Departamentos de 1, 2, 3 dormitorios con y sin dependencia y 4 dormitorios con dependencia y play room. Espectaculares dúplex en pisos 24 y 25. Frente a Plaza Alberti. Proximo...
  14. What is your favourite capital?

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    I didn't found a thread like this (tell me if it already exists) I thought it could be quite interesting. Here you're going to do a list of your favourite capital cities or at least the capitals that seems most interesting for you. Here's my top 20 in alphabetical order :) I have not visited...
  15. Turku/Turun/Åbo - European Capital of Culture 2011, Finland

    Travels Abroad
    My turn to share with you a travel photo report, this time from Turku - Finland's first capital and oldest city, European Capital of Culture 2011, where I've spent my winter holidays. Enjoy the photos! :cheers: I'll start with Turku Cathedral (consecrated in 1300) and its square in several...
  16. Запасная столица

    Городские проблемы
    15 октября 1941 года ГКО принял решение, которое утверждало по сути “запасную столицу” в г. Самаре (в те годы г.Куйбышев). Поэтому именно в Куйбышеве в начальный период войны решались многие сложнейшие вопросы военно-хозяйственного и мобилизационного характера. Заместителю СНК СССР Н.А...
  17. The nations capital, Ottawa! Frozen scenes.

    Urban Showcase
    While not my home city, I love Ottawa, especially in the winter. Beavertails while skating on the canal is a must do at least once! Having relatives in Ottawa I tend to go every year and always make a trip in the winter for Winterlude. Here's some shots from last year :) Looking in to Hull...
  18. João Pessoa como você nunca viu!

  19. Bogotá, Colombia !descúbrela!

    Urbanismo internacional
    :)bogota,colombia: Bogotá, oficialmente Bogotá Distrito Capital (D. C.), es la ciudad capital de la República de Colombia. Está organizada como Distrito Capital, gozando de autonomía para la gestión de sus intereses dentro de los límites de la Constitución y la ley. Está constituida por 20...
  20. Life in the City - Abuja

    Urban Nigeria