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  1. Mindanao
    Welcome to new thread! :cheers: Keep posting forumers :okay: Link to previous thread
  2. Completed Projects
    Amo ini an proposed project sa city boulevard nan Adnama. Tag endorse ini nan nan mayor last Dec. 07, 2011 sa city council for their consideration. 7 storeys with basement & roof deck 11,420 sq.m. floor area 1st floor - lobby, restos, coffee shops, bar/lounge, function rooms, rentables 2nd...
  3. Mindanao
    Welcome!!! Butuan City Projects and Constructions
  4. Mindanao
    Caraga is an Administrative Region of the Philippines, on the northeastern portion of the island of Mindanao. It is the newest region in the Philippines, and is also called Region XIII. The Caraga Region was created through Republic Act Number 7901 on February 25, 1995. The region is composed of...
1-5 of 8 Results