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  1. Design and Lifestyle
    I think it could be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to our favorite cars. I'm not an expert at all but recently I discovered this beauty: built in 1948 by Norman Timbs, the Buick Streamliner disappeared until it was found in a desert (!) in 2002, sold for 17000 $ and restored...
  2. United States Urban Issues
    What do you consider the best road in the US? You can use your own parameters: best maintained, best scenery, best driving experience, or whatever. Also, what was the best road you ever drove on?
  3. General Developments and Discussions
    This is a thread for any motoring book or movie - anything goes. I quite like this pocket sized book: Cars: Freedom Style Sex Power Motion Colour Everything by Stephen Bayley. Pic byBooksActually A few pages from the book (source):
  4. Основная фотосекция
    «Выставка СКК Петербургский «Мир автомобиля 2011». Тюнинг BMW.» на Яндекс.Фотках «Выставка СКК Петербургский «Мир автомобиля 2011». Тюнинг BMW.» на Яндекс.Фотках «Выставка СКК Петербургский «Мир автомобиля 2011». Тюнинг BMW.» на Яндекс.Фотках «Выставка СКК Петербургский «Мир автомобиля...
  5. General Developments and Discussions
    I didn't found any thread like this here. Here you can post pictures of classic cars. Unlike my Rare cars on your streets thread you are here allowed to post pictures of both common and rare cars. It doesn't matter where the pictures was taken. I have one simple rule. The pictures got to be...
  6. General Developments and Discussions
    Here's a thread which is going to be similar to the Guess the city ones :) Here you're going to the guess the car. The ones that guess it right will put up the next picture. Both pictures you took yourself and ones from the internet are allowed :) If you don't know the model you can guess the...
  7. General Developments and Discussions
    Post pictures of cars that are rare where you live. Please don't post internet pics. I will start with some old cars that i've seen recently in Växjö, Sweden :) Lada Samara Opel Kapitän Renault 12 Saab 95 :cheers:
  8. Ижевск
    ИжАвто начнет выпускать Lada Granta в середине следующего года Фото: Архив "ВН" САМАРА. ВОЛГА НЬЮС 08.09.2011 8:45 Производство Lada Granta на конвейере ОАО "Ижавто", начнется в середине 2012 г., его объем пока не определен, сообщает РИА "Новости" со ссылкой на главу ОАГ Игоря Кульгана...
  9. Ontario
    Toronto Star online article: Drive-ins: Movies on Wheels By Eric Veillette SPECIAL TO THE STAR May 19, 2011 Anyone seeking to eulogize the drive-in theatre is invited to ride out to Oakville on a Saturday night to see more than 100 cars lined up to enter the 5 Drive-In, located...
  10. Newcastle Metro Area
    Building the Newcastle Western Bypass (1987-1990) This thread is a "duplicate thread" amalgamating into one place ALL the various 'Building the Newcastle Western Bypass' posts that have been made on the forum in the past. The purpose of this thread is primarily to aid future researchers, and...
  11. Newcastle Metro Area
    This story has been in the news for about twenty years or more. Every so often "something seems to be about to happen" or (as on this occasion) a tragedy on the road leads to someone "calling for something to happen". This story is likely to run-and-run (unlike the road) for a long time, so I...
  12. Изградња, привреда и инфраструктура
    Nadam se da ne otvaram ovu temu za dzabe i da ce biti puno vesti iz ove branse;) Ovde ostavljajte vesti kako o proizvodjacima automobila tako i ostalih vozila(kamiona, spec. vozila itd.) kao i fabrikama koje rade delove za motorna vozila tzv. "komponentasi". Stize par vesti...
  13. Sunderland and Durham
    1200 new jobs at Nissan according to the Evening Chronicle, quite unprecedented investment by a motor maker in a Western European plant. Dare we dream of a mini-boom in industrial jobs in the North East? Could have very positive ramifications for many planned (and not yet planned)...
  14. Leicester and Leicestershire
    This thread is to discuss anything to do with transport projects/schemes in Leicester. This can be about the buses, trains, park and ride, etc. Enderby Park & Ride scheme- proposed: Various new park and ride schemes will are to be introduced to Leicester in the coming years to help eleviate...
  15. Birmingham Metro Area
    Following the Rover, Peugeot events, Prodrive expansion and the recent speculation concerning Ford's Premier Auto Group I think a specific thread is about due. Last week JCB were talking about aquiring Jaguar and today this has been in The Birmingham Post.
  16. Photo Forum
    I like to see pics of exotic cars in Israel cities out of curiosity.
  17. La Masia
    Lloc destinat a parlar de temes varis, anècdotes, recordar antics foraires, presentar-se els nous, parlar de lo que no vagi normalment al fòrum, parlar de lo que et peti, recomanacions, suggerències...bé, una espècie de "La Barra" a la catalana. ;)