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  1. General Urban Developments
  2. Manila City and the rest of the Metro
    Found these pics on their website and on their FB Page. Looks like a major overhaul of the whole property, though I‘m not sure if its it’ll pushing through anytime soon (or at all) with the pandemic and its resulting economic crisis. Facade Here’s my best attempt at stitching two different...
  3. Las Vegas
    One of the big things about the casinos in the Las Vegas area is the theme of each casino. Which theme do you like the most? Which theme for defunct or demolished casinos was best? What architectural elements of a certain theme do you like? What theme do you think Las Vegas should have that...
  4. Porto | Projectos
    - Hotel Casino da Ponte - Tópico para seguir o andamento deste projeto :cheers:
  5. Projects & Constructions
    Vancouver approves new $535-million urban casino resort at BC Place The current proposal (approved December 2013) comes in the heels of the rejected 2011 proposal which called for a significant expansion of the gaming floor. Addressing those concerns, the new casino resort will not be...
  6. Archives
    QUICK FACTS HEIGHT: 105m/27st GFA: Unknown HOTEL ROOMS: 500 ARCHITECT: Hassell DEVELOPER: Crown Limited COST: $568m CONTRACTOR: Brookfield Multiplex RENDERS
  7. Highways & Autobahns
    MONACO Some of my pics. District Fontvielle Distric La Condamine
  8. Projects
    Brand new "card room" with several restaurants and a high-stakes gambling room on the penthouse floor. The LED lighting system looks amazing, will add some more photos in the future.
  9. Milwaukee
    Starting up a thread for the Potawatomi Bingo Casino Hotel in Milwaukee which got approved on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. Construction set to start in Summer 2012. Completion slated for 2014.
  10. Completed Projects
  11. West Coast and Interior West
    The Baker (City) Tower in Baker City, Oregon since its construction in 1929 has been heralded as the tallest building east of the Cascades Mountains crest in Oregon at 144 feet. Perhaps a few grain elevators are in the same height league around the region, but as a habitat storeyed structure...
  12. Ciudades | Proyectos y actuaciones urbanas
    Ojito con la noticia.Habrá que estar muy atentos a posibles novedades al respecto...
  13. DN Archives Since there is no thread on this I thought I would start one since I just went downtown and took some pics. Should be completed in Fall/Winter 2008 and is scheduled to open January 2009... but with...
  14. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Mónaco, oficialmente Principado do Mónaco, é uma cidade-estado soberana, e, portanto, um microestado, situado ao sul da França. Fazendo costa com o mar Mediterrâneo, o principado, fundado em 1297 pela Casa de Grimaldi – até hoje sua soberana –, fica a menos de 20 quilómetros a leste da cidade...
  15. Ilhas | Imagens
    alguem mais tem para ai fotos no fundo do bolso sobre este Shopping em Ponta Delgada?
  16. Porto | Projectos
    13/10/2006 DDC investe 17,5 M€ no novo Estádio e Centro de Formação do Varzim Sport Club A DDC - Dico Dulimar, Sociedade Internacional de Construções, SA -, do Grupo DDC, vai investir 17, 5 milhões de euros (M€) na construção do novo Estádio e Centro de Estágio e Formação do Varzim Sport Club...
  17. Rosario
    Impresionante... será todo cierto?? De La Capital de hoy (19/01): El casino de Rosario tendrá espacios culturales y turísticos El complejo vendrá con talleres de ciencias para chicos y exposiciones. Las obras avanzan “a buen...
  18. Archives
    THREAD 2 COMPLETED SO FAR: TOWER 1- ALLEGRO (55m/18st) 2006 PARKS, INFRASTRUCTURE AND TOWNHOUSES *more pics coming soon* UNDER CONSTRUCTION: TOWER 2- AXIS (56m/19st) 2007 TOWER 3- AQUA (54m/16st) MIDRISE BUILDINGS 1 & 2- The Fairway (5st) 2007 stage 1- stage 2- (extends...
1-20 of 26 Results