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  1. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Ivangorod Fortress - Ivangorod Fortress (Russian: Ивангородская крепость, Estonian: Jaanilinna linnus, Votic: Jaanilidna) is a medieval castle in Ivangorod, Leningrad Oblast. - It was established by Russian Grand prince Ivan III in 1492 to fend off the Livonian Knights. - Today the fortress...
  2. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Please post more and more! Bothwell Castle South Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK. 13th century. Bothwell Castle by Kenny Whyte, on Flickr Bothwell Castle by James Brown, on Flickr Bothwell Castle 048 by Seoras, on Flickr by David MacGibbon and Thomas Ross, source by Alan Sorrell...
  3. Classic Architecture
    The stunning Langhe in the Piemonte (Piedmont) region in Italy. Piedmont, a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland, sits at the foot of the Alps. It’s known for sophisticated cuisine and wines such as Barolo and the Tartufo Bianco (White truffle). Turin, the capital, has abundant...
  4. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Castelo de Lindoso, Ponte da Barca. Viana do Castelo.
  5. General Photography
    Castles of Bohemia I open this thread to show the beauty of Castles of Bohemia; you can also post photos :) Karlštejn Castle Český Krumlov Castle
  6. Urban Showcase
    CASTILLO SAN FELIPE DEL MORRO El Castillo San Felipe del Morro es una fortificación española del siglo XVI construida en el extremo norte de San Juan, Puerto Rico. Por muchos años, vigiló la entrada a la bahía de San Juan y protegió la ciudad de ataques marítimos. El "morro" es un término...
  7. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    To one of the most underrated countries: El Castillo de Luis II de Baviera by FJcuenca, on Flickr Paseando por Rotemburgo by FJcuenca, on Flickr Islands by Kay Gaensler, on Flickr Enjoy The Sun by ill-padrino, on Flickr...
  8. General Photography
    " Castles & Fortifications Around The World "
  9. General Photography
    Castles and Towers of Italy
  10. Помнікі архітэктуры і рэстаўрацыя
    Замковое возрождение: что прибавит деревне туристической мощи? У стен останков «Белого Ковеля», что на Оршанщине, мы искали возможности раскрутки этого исторического объекта. И не только... ГОСУДАРСТВЕННАЯ программа «Замки Беларуси» рассчитана на период с 2012-го по 2018 годы. Не поздновато ли...
  11. General Photography
    Here some pictures of several castles in Brazil. I hope you enjoy. Castelo Monalisa Castelo de Itaipava (in Rio de Janeiro) Castelo da Ilha Fiscal (in Rio de Janeiro) Castelo di Bivar Château Lacave Castelo Zé dos Montes Castelo Museu de Gramado Castelinho (Blumenau)...
  12. Photos
    CASTLES As I know there are left these castles or remains of it: Vilniaus (Gedimino) pilis (Middleages) Žemutinė pilis (Valdovų rūmai) XVI c. Trakų pilis (Middleages) Trakų pusiasalio pilis (Middleages) Kauno pilis (Middleages) Medininku pilis (Middleages) Biržų pilis (Bastionic XVI c.) Other...
  13. Војводина
    Tema koja bi obuhvatila dvorce, plemićke kuće i gradske palate-zadužbine u Vojvodini, njihov istorijat, sadašnje stanje i namenu, kao i rekonstrukciju. Topic about castles, mansions and urban-palaces in Vojvodina, their history, present condition and purpose, also their reconstruction.
  14. General Photography
    Amazing images:
  15. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Anything that tops this?
  16. General Photography
    Castle Dundjerski or Fantast, built by rich Serbian family of the Dundjerskis in the north of SERBIA by D.Zamurovic
  17. Architectures passées
    Le Château de Chantilly (Oise) Château de Chenonceau Val de Loire
  18. Classic Architecture
    Title says all :) I hope it's right section... I haven't found such thread before, so give it a chance :) [UNESCO] Malbork Marienburg - the biggest brick castle in the world, Teutonic Order fortress. Built in XIII/XIV century; classic medieval fortress example. That's not only castle...
  19. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Lately I am going upset about the wide array of terms applied to a historical noble-looking buildings, which have been built and used mainly for one family+their servants. In Latvian language there are at least two widely used terms - "pils" and "muiža" - the latest rather means territorial...
  20. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Akaremyanska fortress Lutsk Castle 1290 -1340 Hotynska Fortress 1200's Castle Lastivchyne Hnizdo Olesko Castle Livadsky Palace Mukacheve Castle 1300's Henuezska Fortress 1200's Our "Great Wall of China" :D Svirzhskyj Castle 1400's...
1-20 of 24 Results