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  1. Charlotte
    Might as well create a thread for Ballantyne...eventually it will have its own mini skyline in the future.
  2. Charlotte
    A 23-story office tower by Stiles Corp. and Shorenstein Properties Additional renderings
  3. Charlotte
  4. Charlotte Original rendering: Latest rendering:
  5. Charlotte
    Can't remember, but I think this is 14 fl now?
  6. Charlotte
  7. Charlotte
    New tallest in South End and outside of Uptown!
  8. Charlotte
  9. Charlotte
    Gensler is the architect at 2151 Hawkins. Kimley-Horn is the civil engineer.
  10. Proposed Highrises
  11. Highrises
    Duke Energy Corp will construct another skyline-altering tower in Charlotte's impressive CBD.
  12. Charlotte
    Long term vision... Same area that UNC Charlotte architectural students did an assignment on... Map of The Railyard project from UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture urban design...
  13. Charlotte
    Architect: Axiom Architecture
  14. Charlotte
  15. Charlotte
    Architect: LS3P
  16. Charlotte
    Two Legacy Union - 17 fl
  17. Southeast
    What are the lifestyle and urban feel differences between these metro areas? I understand it is a wide range, but are the strong qualitative differences, or just a difference in quantity? Pictures welcome.
  18. Charlotte
    I think the University should have its own thread. So many construction projects in the last 15 plus years with more to come.
  19. Charlotte
    This list contains projects in uptown and the surrounding immediate areas. A lot of the information were taken from the Charlotte Center City Partners 2017 Development Report. Others from articles and the information may not be up to date. I probably miss some developments and...
1-20 of 91 Results