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  1. The Windy City: Photos That'll Blow You Away (only your best photos)

    A link to the old thread: I'm gonna get this popping with two of my favorite panoramics: by goonsta
  2. CHICAGO | Chicago Spire | 610m | 2000ft | 150 fl | Canceled

    DN Archives
    Height: 2,000 ft Floor count: 150 Location: East North Water and South Lake Shore Drive Status: On Hold pending new owner possessorship, litigation Construction end: N/A Architect: Santiago Calatrava Development firm: Related Midwest (previously, Shelbourne Development Ltd.) Website...
  3. Random Chicago Discussion

    The other thread was way past its post limit. Here's a link to the old thread:
  4. Chicago Skyline Heaven

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Best of Chicago skyline Well, Since I am naming after the incredilbe Chicago skyline. I thought that I like to pay my respect to it by putting up a Chicago skyline only photo gallery where it will have some of the best Chicago skyline views that you will ever witness on the internet! ps...
  5. curiosità sulla sears tower

    Architettura, urbanistica, infrastrutture
    tutti la conoscete ovviamente. c'è un dato che mi ha incuriosito: il tetto è a quota 442m , mentre l'ultimo piano è a quota 412m. domanda: cosa sono quei 30 metri "inutilizzati"? se guardiamo alle vecchie twin tower, il distacco tra il tetto e l'ultimo...
  6. World's Best Classic Skyscrapers

    My favorite skyscrapers are ones from the early 1900's. New York has the best collection of them by far. Chicago has a few. However, can you post photos of such buildings (of at least 30 stories) from your city? Here are some of my favorites in NY: 40 Wall Street The Municipal Building...
  7. CHICAGO | 150 East Ontario | 50 fl | Prep

    Proposed Highrises
    Height: Unknown Floor count: 50 Location: East Ontario and North Michigan Construction end: Architect: Unknown Developer: Monaco Development, LLC. Previous design: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back from the...
  8. CHICAGO | OneEleven (former Waterview site) | 187m | 613ft | 58 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Height: 630ft Floor count: 60 Location: 111 West Wacker Architect: Handel & Associates Developer: Related Midwest Current design (Handel Architects) Previous design (DeStephano Partners) Pic from: the site as it exists today (taken by Steely Dan): OLD...
  9. CHICAGO | Central Station | 900ft | 83 fl | 790ft | 73 fl | 734ft | 65 fl | 595ft | 54 fl | Pro/Com

    DN Archives
    Central Station - One of the largest developments in Chicago. The first phase of construction consisted of rows of luxury townhouses with the first tower being finished in 2002. Ten towers have been completed since then. Once completed this massive community will help define the southern...
  10. Old Chicago Photographs

    Here's some old pics of Chicago to start out this thread. Hopefully people can dig up some classic pics! Courtesy of the CHS:
  11. CHICAGO | OneEleven - 111 W. Wacker (formerly Waterview) | 630ft | 60 fl | Completed

    Projects and Construction
    Height: 630ft Floor count: 59 Location: 111 West Wacker Architect: Handel & Associates Developer: Related Midwest Current design: Previous design: Pic from: the site as it exists today (taken by Steely Dan): OLD WATERVIEW HOTEL...
  12. CHICAGO | Coast at Lakeshore East | 142m | 464ft | 46 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Lakeshore East is an enormous complex situated on what once was land used by the Illinois Central Railroad rail yards and was intended to be part of the Illinois Center. Master plan by SOM: Maps showing Lakeshore East in relationship with its surroundings: This complex is one of the...
  13. Chicagoland Airports | MDW/GYY/ORD/RFD

    FAA endorses Chicago's plan to expand O'Hare Airport, but opponents vow legal action By MIKE COLIAS 29 July 2005 CHICAGO (AP) - The Federal Aviation Administration has endorsed the city's $15 billion effort to expand O'Hare International Airport and reduce the nation's worst flight delays...
  14. CHICAGO | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Blue Line- Chicago Anyone have pictures of Chicago's Blue Line since it was redone?
  15. Calatrava construirá el rascacielos más alto de Estados Unidos

    Ciudades | Construcción en altura
    Calatrava construirá el rascacielos más alto de Estados Unidos El edificio tendrá 609 metros de altura con una aguja de 152. Imagen del proyecto del Fordham Spire de Calatrava en Chicago. Canarias7.Las Palmas de Gran Canaria El arquitecto español Santiago Calatyrava construirá el...
  16. USA | CHICAGO - Spire

    Architettura, urbanistica, infrastrutture
    A Chicago il palazzo più alto d’America Coda di acquirenti pronti a pagare 600 mila dollari per un monolocale Una guglia verso il cielo, a Chicago il palazzo più alto d’America La città sfida la paura rimodellando il suo skyline: il progetto di Calatrava è un edificio di 115 piani. Il rivale...
  17. ESTADOS UNIDOS | Chicago Spire | 610 m | Paralizado

    Ciudades | Proyectos del resto del mundo
    Calatrava diseña para Chicago el rascacielos mas alto de EEUU Desde el foro internacional para ustedes:
  18. DISCUSS: *** World's Best Skyline ***

    Discuss this week's topic here. :) But please note - if you post too many images, I will delete them all. Try to have some consideration for people with slower Internet connections and/or slower computers, otherwise the thread becomes unreadable.
  19. Chicago ~the windy city~, Estados Unidos

    Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
    Chicago, Estados Unidos Bueno, como hace 10 meses me dió pereza y sólo puse 3 o 4 fotos, os pongo las que hice de Chicago el verano pasado...en otro momento pondré las de San Francisco, Nueva York, y si quereis, hasta de Las Vegas, pero tengo que verme con ganas que se tarda un huevo en...
  20. CHICAGO - Soldier Field (61,500)

    Chicago Bears 9x Champion: 1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963, 1985 Home of the NFL's Chicago Bears Can you fit a new modern stadium inside of an old one? One complete with hundred of luxury suites, club seating and put fans close to the action? Yes. There are bigger stadiums...