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  1. The Future of Chicago-Post-Spire

    Wanda Tower 350m 1150ft Wolf Point 950ft 750ft 525ft 451 E Grand 843ft 150 N Riverside 742ft River Point 730ft
  2. CHICAGO | 1001 South State Street | 134m | 440ft | 40 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Developer Lines Up Permit for Long Planned South Loop Tower Design changes may be imminent...
  3. CHICAGO | LSE Parcel O | 196m | 642ft | 60 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    O-hoy, Yet Another Skyscraper Inbound for Lakeshore East
  4. CHICAGO | Exhibit on Superior | 109m | 357ft | 34 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "HoJos Tower" Cleared For Takeoff
  5. CHICAGO | The Gallery On Wells | 131m | 430ft | 39 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goodbye Pizza-Adorned Gino's East, Hello 444-Unit Tower * height is approximate
  6. CHICAGO | Block 37 - Marquee | 133m | 436ft | 38 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Preliminary Drawing for New Block 37 Tower Revealed
  7. CHICAGO | One Bennett Park | 257m | 843ft | 67 fl | Com

    DN Archives,0,1320042.story
  8. CHICAGO | Vista Tower | 363m | 1191ft | 101 fl | T/O

    Height: 349m (1144ft) Floors: 93 Location: 375 E Wacker Architect: Jeanne Gang(studio gang) Developer: Magellan Development Group, and Wanda Group NEW DESIGN OLD DESIGN OLDER DESIGN
  9. Chicago Trip Photo Tour (Summer 2013): Day 5, Part 5: The Magnificent Mile @ night...

    Hey everyone, Winding down to my last few pictures of my summer 2013 trip, I am closing it off with a night tour of the Magnificent Mile before and after the John Hancock Center and views! For my John Hancock Center and views, click here:
  10. CHICAGO | 151 North Franklin - CNA Center | 173m | 568ft | 36 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beitler Pulls Nearby Tower, Boosts John Buck's Plans For 36 Story Tower At 151 N. Franklin St. 72053254
  11. CHICAGO | 725 West Randolph | 100m | 329ft | 31 fl | App

    Proposed Highrises
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Developer Baking Plans For Skyscraper to Rise on Restaurant Row...
  12. Chicago Trip Photo Tour (Summer 2013): Day 5, Part 4: John Hancock Center views

    Hey Chicago forumers! Here's the fourth part of my fifth and final day in the Windy City. These are all views and pictures of the third-tallest building in the city, the John Hancock Center, rising 100 stories and 1,127 feet above Michigan Avenue. It was completed in 1969 and at the time of its...
  13. Chicago Trip Photo Tour (Summer 2013): Day 5, Part 3: University of Chicago, Grant Park...

    Hey Chicago forumers, Here is the 3rd part of my fifth and final day in the Windy City, focusing on the beautiful campus of the University of Chicago in Hyde Park and parts of the Museum Campus and Grant Park. the University of Chicago's Charles M. Harper Center Rockefeller Memorial Chapel...
  14. CHICAGO | Northwestern University Biomedical Research Building | 150ft+ | 12 fl | Pro

    General Urban Developments
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The tower has been shortened to a 12 story stump. Previously: From three finalists, Perkins + Will has been chosen to design the new...
  15. Summer 2013 Midwestern US Tour: CHICAGO!!!

    Urban Showcase
    Hey everyone!!! Thought I would take the time to give you guys a taste of my Chicago pictures during my massive 2013 Midwest U.S. trip, after spending 2 wonderful days and nights in Toledo, Ohio! Day 1, part one of this trip include various pictures from in and around downtown, the loop and...
  16. Chicago Trip Photo Tour (Summer 2013): Day 5, Part 2: Hyde Park

    Hey Chicago forumers and everyone, Here is the second part of my fifth and final day in the Windy City during my Midwest U.S. trip in the Summer of 2013! This part of the Chicago trip focuses on the Hyde Park neighbourhood in Chicago's south side. Hyde Park is one of Chicago's most diverse...
  17. Chicago Trip Photo Tour (Summer 2013): Day 5, Part 1: Kenwood

    Chicago Trip Photo Tour (Summer 2013): Day 5, Part 1: East Hyde Park Hey Chicago forumers and everyone! Here is the first part of my fifth and final day in Windy City during my massive Summer 2013 Midwest U.S. trip! This part of the Chicago trip takes me to Chicago's south side, mainly to east...
  18. Chicago Trip Photo Tour (Summer 2013): Day 4, Part 3: Gold Coast, North Town, Loop @ night...

    Hey again! Continuing with the highlights of my Summer 2013 trip to Chicago, here's part three of my fourth day in Chicago, which covers the Gold Coast, North Town, and after taking in a show @ the Second City, took some more night pictures, this time of the loop. Looking up at my hotel, the...
  19. Chicago Trip Photo Tour (Summer 2013): Day 4, Part 2: Lake View, Wrigleyville

    Hey guys, continuing with my series of Chicago pictures from my August 2013 trip to the Windy City… here is part one of my fourth day, which includes a tour of Wrigley Field, Wrigleyville, and the baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the visiting Cincinnati Reds. This is the second part...