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  1. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    1 Corporate Avenue - Riverview Plaza Wuhan, China 376m / 1234ft 73 floors Offices Pelli Clarke Pelli architects Completed 2021 武汉天地特色商业街区 by 威摄 on 500px jrphoet
  2. Skyscrapers
  3. Business and Economy
    Chinese Ventures in Kenya China seems to be eyeing Nairobi as a possible anchor center for its entry into Africa. I have recently seen a few MOU's that may NOT pan out eventually or may be bigger news down the road. Some of these ventures don't seem to fit nicely into any of our threads...
  4. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Shenzhen Center Shenzhen, China Height: 375.6m/ 1232ft Floors: 70 Function: Residential + Office Architect: Kohn Pederson Fox Completed: 2021 灯笼高挂迎新春 by 小小帅 on Sunshine on CBD of Shenzhen by Thomas_Yung, on Flickr
  5. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Heartland 66 Office Tower Wuhan, China Height: 339m / 1112ft Floors: 60 Function: Offices Architect: Aedas Completed: 2020 by Nicholas_Zhou from the Wuhan Megapixel Panorama
  6. Supertalls
    Article taken from 7幢摩天大楼+399米新地标,再次见证杭州成长,就在这个月_手机网易网 " Recently, according to the official platform of Hangzhou Cloud City, the West Railway Station South and North Plaza complex will be listed at the end of January, with a total construction area of 1.3 million square meters, including a new...
  7. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Hangzhou Jianggan District Sports Center is currently under renovation. During the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, it will host some games of the football tournament.
  8. Proposed Supertalls
    The government buildings that used to occupy the site west of Mongkok East Station have been cleared and a 320m tower is expected to be built. Location (Google Maps) Plans and Renderings from the Planning Department...
  9. Proposed Supertalls
    苏河湾华兴新城 Suhewan Huaxing New City 320m + 150m 62 floors (estimated) Foster + Partners Renderings have been released for the first time for this project, the site is already cleared and construction should start soon, there might be other 3 or 4 residential towers, 150m high, in the same site, but...
  10. Projects & Infrastructure / 在建项目与基础设施
    按最新的旅客吞吐量顺序来看,分别位于成都、昆明、西安、重庆、郑州、武汉、乌鲁木齐、沈阳。这八座机场的名称分别为:成都双流国际机场、昆明长水国际机场、西安咸阳国际机场、重庆江北国际机场、郑州新郑国际机场、武汉天河国际机场、乌鲁木齐地窝堡国际机场、沈阳桃仙国际机场 Sort by the passenger traffic, there are 8 top of airline hub in China. They are located in Chengdu, Kunming, Xian, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Wulumuqi, Shenyang...
  11. Projects & Infrastructure / 在建项目与基础设施
    As the news said, Wuhan is planning to build Metro Line 10, kicking off in 2023, with 88 kilometers of route length, crossing the 9 areas. Can we drop the bus in the future lol?
  12. City Hall / 议事厅
    Hi Chinese forumers, I recently stumbled upon a degree option at UNSW which gave students the option to study 2 years in UNSW and another 2 years at Tongji University in Shanghai, China. for the dual degree of Bachelor in Architecture from both Unis. According to UNSW and some googling, Tongji...
  13. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Shimao Hunan Center Changsha, China Height: 347m/1138ft Function: Office Completed: 2019 By 維基小霸王 by 浮生记茶 by 登高才能远望 By KillerZavatar
  14. Zagranica
    Ponad 100 mln region miejski u ujścia Rzeki Perłowej w Chinach, można chyba powiedzieć że jest to największe miasto/region miejski świata, do niedawna również jeden z najszybciej rozwijających się zagłębi przemysłowych, podlewany kapitałem najpierw hongkońskim i zachodnim, od jakiegoś czasu już...
  15. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Raffles City Chongqing, China Height: 355m (tallest) Floors: 79 (tallest) Function: Mixed Use Architect: Safdie Architects Completion: 2019 By 百慕大橘子 from By 张坤琨 from
  16. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Guangxi Wealth Financial Center Nanning, China Height: 310.8m/1020ft Floors: 70 Function: Office Architect: Guangzhou Hanhua Architects & Engineers Completed: 2019 photo by by msh967
1-16 of 500 Results