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  1. Cultural Revolution Destruction of Chinese buildings?

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    im not sure if this is the right section to post this thread but: i'm not too sure here, but did the cultural revolution destroy much of china's cities or was it just destroying cultural traditions and religions? did it actually affect buildings and cities?
  2. Streets in Shanghai, China

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Streets in Shanghai, China When it comes to Shanghai cityscape, the first few images people may think of are usually about the Bund or the skyscrapers: (by Blackstation from However, Shanghai also has some quiet streets which are not in the spotlight. Along these streets...
  3. For People Who Have Visitied Europe AND Asia and possible other places

    The Urban Tourist
    This is for people who have visited both Europe AND Asia (so they can compare). Someone told me that once you visit Europe, you would find other places around the world not as good or in all sense, 'boring'. i'm a little worried about this as i dont want to 'spoil' or 'ruin' my future trips to...
  4. Photos of Chinese Culture on Modern Buildings!!!!!! (and other cultures)

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    hi, i'm not sure if theres already a thread on this, but i've decided to show some photos (some that i took and some on the net) of buildings that have been designed with traditional/cultural elements on it. it looks really good and i believe more of these sort of buildings should be up as each...
  5. 'un-chinese' like buildings sprouting up in China

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    on a recent trip to China (actually both times that i went), along major highways and roads, i see many houses and highrises which look very bland and 'fake'. for example, on a highway going out of shanghai, all along the sides i see 3-4 story houses or mid rise apartments with fairytale castle...