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  1. Sunset Park | 6208 Eighth Avenue | Pro

    Brooklyn & Staten Island
    exceptionally large, but not exceptionally tall. Updated Design For 6208 8th Avenue, Major Development Coming to Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  2. Chinese Hospital - 845 Jackson | 43 M | 140 FT | 8 FL | San Francisco | U/C

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chinese Hospital Design Tweaks "Respond to Cultural Context" The old, historic Chinese Hospital building has already been...
  3. DOWNTOWN LA | College Station | 6 fl x 6 | Pro

    The 20 story towers have been scrapped so this one's going to be low-rise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously: Huge Mixed-Use Project Could Change the Face of Chinatown...
  4. VANCOUVER: Gastown, Downtown Eastside, Chinatown

    Urban Showcase
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada ....................................
  5. Dragon Condos @ 270 Spadina | U/C | 10 st | Chinatown

    Toronto Developments
    Dragon Condos: Located near the southwest corner of Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue, is a 10-storey condominium development project by Ideal Developments. The Dragon Condos will have 95 residential units and approximately 4627 square feet of retail space located on the ground level...
  6. PHILADELPHIA | Eastern Tower Community Center | 81m | 265ft | 23 fl | Pro

    General Urban Developments
    New Eastern Tower Community Center
  7. Ethnic Enclaves in Australia

    City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Don't think we have a thread for this (if we do, mods, please shut this one down). Feel free to add any pictures you have or have found of ethnic enclaves in Aussie cities to this thread :) Chinatown, Sydney 6 November 2011 Sussex Street by Icy Chev, on Flickr View up Dixon Street by Icy...
  8. San Francisco: Chinatown

    West Coast and Interior West
    Chinatown is a neighborhood west of San Francisco's Financial District. The neighborhood is roughly bounded by Bush Street to the south, Powell Street to the west, Broadway to the north, and Kearny Street to the east. San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest, largest, and arguably the most...
  9. Cabramatta, Sydney

    City Images, Architecture & Historic themes
    Cabramatta is a suburb located north of Liverpool, in Sydney's south west. It is home to a large Asian population, mainly Chinese and Vietnamese, but with small Cambodian, Laotian and Thai communities as well. Feel free to add to this thread.
  10. SESIMBRA | Projectos e Notícias

    Lisboa | Projectos
    ICN chumbou plano para mata de Sesimbra O Instituto de Conservação da Natureza (ICN) deu parecer desfavorável ao Plano de Pormenor da Zona Sul da Mata de Sesimbra, por integrar 1200 hectares do Parque Natural da Arrábida, violando o regulamento do parque. Os técnicos do ICN consideram que...

    Heritage Buildings
    Lets start a discourse on Chinatown. Many argued the apparent facadism on Chinatown shophouses, while most were disgusted about the theme park effect by the STB. The business on authenticity were questionable as STB try to bring back, or rather evoke, memories that can be experiential to the...
  12. Are communities in any way entitled to "preserve" its character and social fabric? Is it right to "frozen" the people living in the buildings, not onl

    Citytalk and Urban Issues
    I'm opening this topic to discuss some gentrification-related issues. Building stock preservation has been around for a while, and I'm assuming for all purposes that it remains as it is in the Western developed countries (listing, emphasis on façade preservation etc.) Beyond that, since the...
  13. Newcastle CHINATOWN Area (Stowell Street/Chinese Arch/Chinese New Year, etc) - Developments

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . There is one 'discrete' area of our City Centre, that I have long felt could well deserve a thread of its own . . . CHINATOWN. OK, some aspects could be covered on the 'retail' or the 'restaurants' threads . . or they may have a "Project Thread" of their own if needed, but I think it is a...
  14. "Chinatowns em Portugal"

    Portugal | Imagens
    Recopilación de todas las calles, barrios o polígonos industriales donde abunda todo lo chino. Tengo entendido que en Lisboa y el área metropolitana de Porto hay algun pequeño Chinatown pero necesito saber sobre más pequeños" Chinatowns" en Portugal :) PD: Me equivoqué en el título, quería que...
  15. "Chinatowns" en España

    Ciudades | Demografía, territorio y urbanismo
    En España residen unos 130.000 chinos, la mayoría lo hacen en Madrid y Barcelona, cada una de estas ciudades tiene su propio "Chinatown" pero no son las únicas: MADRID -Calle Leganitos: Calle de 350 metros de largo cercana a la Gran Vía que desemboca en Plaza de España. Peluquerías, tienda de...
  16. Washington, DC: Downtown, Chinatown

    Urban Showcase
    Washington DC's Downtown is the center of business in the District of Columbia, and the center of politics in the United States. Pennsylvania Avenue was intended by L'Enfant to be the grand avenue connecting the White House and the Capitol. It was to be the "Main Street" of Washington. Early...
  17. Washington, DC: Downtown, Chinatown

    Baltimore / Washington DC
    Washington DC's Downtown is the center of business in the District of Columbia, and the center of politics in the United States. Pennsylvania Avenue was intended by L'Enfant to be the grand avenue connecting the White House and the Capitol. It was to be the "Main Street" of Washington. Early...
  18. MANILA | Anchor Skysuites | 55F | 193M

    Rate our Highrises
    Anchor Land allots P3B for 50-story building in Binondo -ZINNIA B. DELA PEÑA The Philippine Star High-end residential condominium developer Anchor Land Holdings Inc. is allotting as much as P3 billion for the development of a 50-story building in a newly-acquired property in Binondo, Manila...
  19. Sheffield Chinatown

    Sheffield Metro Area
    I decided to start a thread based on the chinatown proposal, discussing various pros and cons, and images of the area and other chinatowns. what do you guys think?? If the project goes ahead then we will have various renderings, documents and construction photos to post so i think it warrants a...
  20. BOSTON | Radian Boston - 120 Kingston | 106m | 338ft | 29 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Architects Chia-Ming Sze Architect, Inc Name: 120 Kingston St Project Description: The Proponent proposes to redevelop the Auchmuty Building to...